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he relationship between “employer” & “employee” is most unique in the Private Sector – Personal Service Industry. This is the rarest of situations, where an employee’s responsibilities require they be a part of their boss’s everyday private lives. This “connection” in most cases inevitably leads to the employee’s personal life being opened up to their employer. It’s virtually impossible for the traditional “boss/worker” relationship we see in the corporate/business world to be remotely similar in a residential/family setting.

Of course there is always a line drawn and boundaries set, as in all work environments. Never the less, the environment itself tends to create this “one of a kind” rapport.

Because of this exceptional link between “employer” & “employee,” we ask for Comments, Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions, Experiences & Stories. Please take a moment to submit an item of interest, related to Household/Domestic Staff or previous work stories. The funnier…the better. The more informative…the more helpful for all.


***Names & e-mail addresses will not be posted if requested.

Greenhouse Agcy Ltd - The Ultimate Leader in Personal and Domestic/Household Service Staffing Needs

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  • miriam corea says:

    i heard a lot of good comments from this agency  from friends and emplyers who got hired from your agency this is why i want to join also

  • Mary Budnik says:

    This is wonderful service,they’re taking fast action.
    I am long time an job market and tried use different agency but Greenhousestaffing is the best.

  • Josane Doyle says:

    I’m looking for a job as a placement couselor.
    I have about 12 years of experince.
    I did work for 2 agencies in Greenwich,CT and that is were live too.
    I’m legal to work in the country of course and fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
    If you are interested please let me know.


    Josane Doyle

  • Glenn Greenhouse says:

    Hi Josane,
    My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.  Yes, I am interested in meeting with you.  Business is good
    and I’m looking for another “placement specialist.”

    Please let me know when is convenient for us to meet.  Afternoons/evenings are best, but let me know what works
    for you?

    All The Best
    Glenn Greenhouse
    Greenhouse Agcy, Ltd.
    O: 212.889.7505
    C: 201.724.6090

  • glenn says:

    What to do in an “Earthquake?”
    After your sure the kids are safe, make certain your household staff is all accounted for 🙁

  • glenn says:

    oops, wrong smiley  🙂

  • Monkey says:

    Hey, that’s the gretaset! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  • Scout says:

    To think, I was conusfed a minute ago.

  • Jailen says:

    I thank you humbly for sharing your wiosdm JJWY

  • glenn says:


  • Alexandra says:

    This is the perfect way to break down this inrofamtion.

  • Stitches says:

    You know what, I’m very much icnilned to agree.

  • Nash says:

    I serahced a bunch of sites and this was the best.

  • Hey GREENHOUSE AGENCY!!! I was extremely impressed with the setup, and vibe that you have created in your office. It’s very easy to come in and feel comfortable about being taken serious, and get your needs met! You have create something, that in my 29 years have never seen before. I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with me! I really hope we can get together soon, and I’m very eager to learn everything I can! Top notch website, as well as staff! Have a great day,

    Christian Stevens

  • Lois Worth says:

    What a wonderful website that reflects what is obviously a wonderful and innovative agency. I will be sure to share this website with colleagues, friends and families….Thank you to my son Christian Stevens for sharing link.

  • John says:

    This is really true that the relation between an employer and a employee is very important in the private sector….. I love the way you comprises this fact in such a little article, and this also applies over the household staff and staffing agencies.

  • glenn says:

    Thanks for the comment John!
    All The Best
    Glenn Greenhouse

  • glenn says:

    FOR ALL “CAREER” HOUSEHOLD/DOMESTIC STAFF: Please be sure to consider weather you will be “happy” on the job & “like” the family your considering to commit to. Though very important, money isn’t everything. When in a work environment where you’re close to your boss, all the time…..you must be sure it’s an environment that’s tolerable and you can deal with: “emotionally,” “psychologically” & “…physically.” This is a very unique “employment relationship.” Every “Household” is different, every “Employer” is different. None are truly bad, but some situations are more “stressful” than others. All people are different and some can handle “situations” that others cannot. Look at the “whole picture” when thinking about taking a job. Weigh all the pros & cons. Again, money must not be your only “motivator.” I’m not suggesting taking a position which will put you in worse financial straights, only that giving up an extra $50.00 per week, to take a job where you will be happy & enjoy your days, is the smart way to go.

    By: Glenn Scott Greenhouse

  • jesse says:

    Hey Glenn,
    How do you take your coffee?

  • jesse says:

    well said, sir.

  • glenn says:

    We come across so many, “seemingly” amazing Candidates. They’re talented, bright & skilled.  They list an excellent work history, with all contact info for their references.  We call the references, have a 10 to 15 minute conversation and come away thinking the Candidate IS as good as they seem.  We’ll find a nice job for them, a well paying job that seems to be a nice “fit” for both Employer & Employee.  A week goes by….the jury is still out.  The second week..boom, the sh_t hits the fan.  The new Employee proves to be not what we thought them to be.  Skill level is weak, personality is in-appropriate for a household, reliability is know where to be found.  What happened? How could we have been so wrong?  The Employer also, who made the decision to bring them on board?
    In many cases, the mistake goes back to the reference. Did we (you) really know who you were speaking with on the phone?  Who was it, truly, who gave the great reference?  I’ve learned, even the reference should somehow be checked too!
    It does make our job a bit harder, but we have found effective ways of knowing who, what, where we’re calling when checking a reference.  We also found, being thorough and taking the extra time, is well worth it!
    By: Glenn Scott Greenhouse

  • jesse says:

    Greenhouse = best staffing agency in NYC hands down.

  • Guy Smiley says:

    This is by far my favorite agency to work for. As a private chef, it is never fun to work with an Agency that charges a fee. 
    Thankfully, this is not the case at Greenhouse. The staff is warm, and quick on their feet.
    I highly recommend.

  • Jesse says:

    Nash…Steve? You know the deal.

  • Rinchen says:

    I have been helped by Yulia. She is a very kind woman. Thank you so much Yulia and the green house.

  • Karen says:

    Hi Glen

    I was curious do you guys place nannies in NJ.   I am searching for a childcare position in Bergen or Hudson County.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind NYC just afraid of getting really lost.  :  )  Pretty embarrassing considering I live in Fort Lee, so close to NY.

    Is their a real wage difference between NY and NJ??

  • Yulia Greenhouse says:

    Thank you, Rinchen. I will continue searching the right family for you.
    Please stay optimistic!

  • Rinchen says:

    Thanks 🙂 !!

  • Jesse says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  • Rinchen says:

    I do accept your statements sir. It’s very important to be happy and enjoy with what we are doing at work. As a candidate, we must not just be interviewed by the families, but we should also be smart enough to put out questions to find out if this particular family is the right match for us. Of course, the economy is poor and “we” being on the main street stream, “we” would grab anything that would come along our way because it’s very hard to find jobs. But, through my experiences there is no harm in waiting or going for as many interviews as possible, take your time in the beginning for decision making rather than regretting for taking the job later on like i did no matter how much big money that they put it out on the table. Wherever you work, as a new candidate you always become an easy target especially when there are a lot of people working with you. Especially, families with work managers, I would personally request you to not only listen to what the managers have to say about employees but also communicate well with the employees themselves to know what are the underlying truths/issues behind any circumstances when you feel or see something is not flowing smoothly. Whenever there are some issues, I would also like to suggest to bring the employees to the corner if you really wanna know the genuine answer by not exposing it directly to the house manager. The families can always check it on their own to find out the truth by giving surprise visit at work by looking at what everyone is upto. I have had a several incidents where I heard the house manager manipulating my lady boss, and them believing completely with what the manager had to say about the incidents or about the person. To err is human and so did i do some simple mistakes at work in the beginning, and no one is perfect not even the house managers. Here are some incidents that I have seen at the mansion where I used to work at. My house manager used to enjoy hard drinks(tequila and others) from the bar at a working time with a family driver, and with one of my other colleagues when my bosses used to travel abroad. They spent most of their time going out or gossiping in the office when my bosses used to be away. My manager would not let me eat on time most of the time, but she occasionally used to tell me that I had to cook for the house driver which I never ever did, and why would I do it since it’s not on my jobs lists. She even made me fold her personal laundries with her underwear in it, they were not on my duties either but I did it to please her and to keep the job. The reason why I am writing all this is hope everyone pays extra more attention on treating their employees right. I was also mistreated by her yesterday when I was sent home. I will never ever forget the incident. But, My bosses and their children were a very nice people but in my case, I never could get along well with my manager who has a temper problem. Thank god, I don’t have to go back to the same work place. I am sorry green house but I really thought ppl need to read and know what is going on in any work place.

  • glenn says:

    Thanks Jesse, Happy Turkey Day to you also.  Enjoy your long weekend with your Mom.
    Be Safe & don’t be late for that train!

  • Rinchen says:

    Finally I could pour out something and i am so relieved.

  • glenn says:

    Hello Karen,
    We’ll try to help you in any “geographic area” of your choice.  I wouldn’t worry about getting lost in NYC though!  If you   can count…..you’ll rarely have a problem.  After 12th Street is 13th Street, then comes 14th Street and so on. Fifth Avenue separates East from West with address numbers increasing from Fifth Ave on. So…”22 East 54 Street” is East of  5th Avenue.  “126 West 54 Street” is West of 5th Avenue. Now this is important……The West side (West numbered addresses) will always be facing California/New Jersey/Hudson River when your on 5th Avenue. The East side (East numbered addresses) will always be facing The Hamptons/Long Island/Brooklyn/East River . Hopes this
    helps Karen.  Feel free to submit a form or send your resume.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • annonymous says:

    Hey Sweetie,
    I feel for ya. Been around the block a few times myself. Worked in the corporate-business sector & the private-service sector. I learned everyone has SOMEONE to answer to. It is what it is. In a Bank I worked, it was the Head Teller. She had to answer to the Assistant Branch Manager who had to report to the Branch Manager. I had a problem with the Head Teller. My tallies at the end of the day were always correct. Not once was my drawer off a penny. She had a knack for finding something wrong all the time. Little, menial things like coming back from lunch 10 minutes late or my nails had tips and colored….it was because it was a Monday & I was at a party Sunday night. I explained this, it didn’t matter to her. I loved the job all the people I worked with. She made my life miserable and found a reason to have me fired. In a house I worked in as a Personal Assistant, it was the Butler. He wasnt trully mean like at the bank. He was always stressed due to the job and pressure from the boss. I kept the Mrs. calendar perfect, found the most hard to find accessories for her within hours, arranged last minute travel like a “magician.” Even ran to the children’s school to speak with the Director, because my boss was to “hung over.” In that situation, the Butler ended up quitting. I ended up PA & House Manager. There were a few other similar jobs over the years. So I can relate to how you feel.

    Rinchen, I’d like to share w you what I’ve learned. No matter what, when I was let go, I never had nice things to say about the job. Someone once told me: “Very rarely does an employee whose fired, weather for good reason or BS, have good things or nice feelings about the experience.” After 25 years of work, I have to admit, there’s some truth to this. But the most important lesson I learned…is it’s always best to “let your feelings be expressed, just like you’ve done, never harbor resentments, be grateful for the time spent and financial gains enjoyed and move on. Again, like you said, “no one’s perfect.” Including your house-manager. Also, if you can see these things coming, or the signs; start looking, you don’t have to stay. But always try and leave a job on the best terms possible. Give proper notice. You do the “right thing” even if your boss does not. We all face our maker someday, we all will have a much more important person to answer to, someday. Beleive me, expressing your feelings in some way is good..and healthy. Forgiveness, understanding & accepting responsibility when called for is even better.
    Best of Luck to you Rinchen. I’m sure you’ll be fine and find another job where you’ll be happy and stay on for many years.

  • Rinchen says:

    Thank you for your advice and your response. I appreciate the skills I had learned and acquired during my 8 months. I am somebody who has to speak up for my rights when something is not being right. Like in my case, I did every part of jobs that I was expected out of me. I had always wanted to hold my ground, but at the same time building some common boundaries so that people would not take advantage of me. I dont have anything bad to say about the duties and responsibilites that were given to me, infact wanted to thank my manager for hiring me (for giving me steady income), and leave the workplace on a good note. I had spoken to her one week ahead of the time that they can happily replace me and I would stay there until they would find someone or if they would let me stay until the end of the year. Let me clear something here in my case. You ask someone if they would like you to be back next time, and they tell you big YES. But, what kind of person would tell somebody to walk and pack your bag as soon as you enter to the workplace when you are expected to be at work on the beginning of the week without having any notice prior to it. Or I would expect them at least to tell me on phone one day in advance about what was going on and I would have happily gone to pack my belongings. And then what happened was I wanted them to reimburse my transportation and couple of receipts, but they said they can’t . I said forget it and I called the cab and waited on the corner of the long driveway as it took a while for a cab to reach to the workplace. I only waited there because it was hard for me to carry all my stuff all the way to the gate but this “manager” sent one of my colleagues and warned me not to stand at their compound and that they would call Cops. It was only a matter of few minutes of waiting and I was gonna go for ever which I had always wanted. I was so upset and told the messenger she could call whoever she would like to but i would like to wait here until the cab would get here. Do you think this was a good behavior from a manager and was it even necessary for her to tell me that she was going to call cops on me. I hope that karma will play it’s role on her one day. What ever goes around always comes around, and I know that it is going to happen with her.

  • EXPERIENCED, LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY.  Sweet family, one child, other staff.  Must work weekends,

    but is a Five day work week.  Salary is EXCELLENT, Formal Setting, but family is casual.  SPANISH Speaking a huge plus.
    Please call or come in!!!!!! Afternoons are best. This Family is Interviewing right now!

    Glenn Greenhouse

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    My comments page is not meant for other businesses to sell/promote their goods or services.  I’d be happy to discuss a “paid” ad, or link/widget.  Possibly a link exchange.  Please understand, this page is for people to discuss, different topics and issues, mostly pertaining to the Household/Domestic Staffing Industry.  Occasionally we’ve gone of topic.  If I feel I like “what’s being discussed” or has “social value”…..I allow the thread to continue.  This is always up to me, as this is my site.  Sorry though, for obvious reasons, I can’t allow people to ADVERTISE FOR FREE.
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    Feel free to reach me to discuss Advertising possibilities and the memorabilia.
    All The Best,
    Glenn S. Greenhouse
    Greenhouse Agcy, Ltd.
    55 West 39 St.
    New York, NY  10018

  • jesse says:

    Can I have the Gretzky jersey?

  • Make me an offer, it’s got his blood on it…or someone’s.
    Also, you do understand about advertising on my sight???

  • Want to wish my Son Jason a Happy 30th Birthday!  I was trully blessed, 30 years ago today!
    Love You Always & Unconditionally,
    Be Happy, Be Healthy & Be Safe!

  • Garrett,
    I’m sad to see you go, but wish you the best.  You’ve been a true gentleman and made the office light up. You’ll surely
    be missed.  Also, I want to thank you for your hard work and your always willing to help out.  You’re a true “team player.”

  • jesse says:

    I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

  • jesse says:

    are we having fun yet.

    BOTH THE “EMPLOYER’S OF DOMESTIC/HOUSEHOLD STAFF & THE PERSONAL SERVICE PROFESSIONALS,” We want to thank you for another year of your patronage. We at Greenhouse are grateful for the opportunities you have given us, in allowing us to be of help. The trust you’ve put in our hands is tremendously appreciated. We’ve enjoyed a great year of “referred business.”  This makes us especially proud and want you to know this has been noted.  Your business is “valued” and never taken for granted.
    I personally, want to wish all who have called on “Greenhouse,” truly HEALTHY, JOYOUS, HAPPY & SAFE HOLIDAYS! MAY THE BEST OF LAST YEAR, BE THE WORST OF THE “NEW YEAR”
    Glenn Scott Greenhouse 



  • Hey Chris,
    You haven’t been forgotten.  Please call me when you get a chance.
    Greenhouse Agcy,Ltd.

  • Denise says:




  • jesse says:


    Had a great, great time in Switzerland, minus the treacherous skiing conditions. I grew up in the Berkshires, but the Alps are a whole different beast.

    Glad to be back stateside.

  • glenn says:

    What’s up?  You ok?

  • When checking references on a candidate, know who your talking to. Google the address of the reference, Google the reference, IE: your given a name, phone & address, Your told the Nanny earned $1,000.00 per week, worked with other staff in a large Suburban House with a swimming pool, tennis court, gazebo etc. After doing a bit of Google, you find the house is a tiny row house, in an industrial area & the reference works as a taxi driver….duh, something isn’t right.  When interviewing, see what your kids think. Note your “pets” reaction to the candidate.  Kids and dogs have a natural instinct. True professional, seasoned candidates will NOT wear flashy jewelery, have tattoos, smell from heavy perfume or be dressed for a “Saturday Night Out.”
    Things to think about when go over a potential employee’s references
    by: Glenn Greenhouse

    Why did you leave your last job? Will your previous employers speak on the phone about you? Why are you a ——————? Do you enjoy this work or is it the money? What would you do if (hypothetical situations) my two kids are fighting over the same toy? If we’re away and my Son starts running a fever? Can you work late on occasion, if we’re delayed one evening in getting home?  If I can’t make dinner one evening, are you willing to put something together for us? You’re looking for degree of flexibility and willingness. What salary are you seeking? (you always want a content Personal Service Staffer)
    By; Glenn Greenhouse

  • Andre says:

    Denise was awesome to work with, she was patient, understanding and cooperative.  Even though I was over qualified for the initial position, Denise used her contacts and knowledge of the industry to point me in the right direction.  I would recommend working with Denise and plan to refer friends I know to her so she can end their job search.

  • Jaydee says:

    Wowza, proeblm solved like it never happened.

  • Dasia says:

    That addresses several of my concerns actlualy.

  • Jaylan says:

    Kewl you shuold come up with that. Excellent!

  • Savion says:

    I’d venture that this artlice has saved me more time than any other.

  • Ducky says:

    Too many compliments too little space, thkans!

  • Marlie says:

    Shoot, so that’s that one supoesps.

  • Brendy says:

    Deep tinhknig – adds a new dimension to it all.

  • glenn says:

    Sincerely happy to be of help. Dasia, please feel free to go to our Blog Page and ask or comment about
    anything on your mind.  The “Blog” is new and since I and my colleagues at Greenhouse  have a lot to comment on along with diverse feelings on many topics…….I’m hoping “Blogging at Greenhousestaffing, takes off. 
    Glenn Greenhouse

  • Arnie says:

    Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve cehreed me up!

  • Woods says:

    AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this ansewr!

  • Coralyn says:

    You’ve got to be kidndig me-it’s so transparently clear now!

  • Kaedon says:

    This piece was cogent, well-wriettn, and pithy.

  • Laticia says:

    I thought fniding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

  • Blaze says:

    Your story was really infromaitve, thanks!

  • glenn says:

    Thanks so much Blaze.  All comments are appreciated.  Please visit our new “blog”  page.  It’s still new, but
    will soon be very popular.  There will be lots of fun and interesting topics discussed.  Your participation will
    Glenn Greenhouse

  • glenn says:

    Not being an English major or even similar, your comment sounds like a compliment. I sincerely thank
    you Kaedon!  Check on our new “Blog” page.  Hopefully you’ll find more well written comments.
    All The Best
    Glenn Greenhouse

  • glenn says:

    Hi Alex,
    Who are you talking about?

  • glenn says:

    Hi Jaylan
    Not exactly sure which “writing” your referring to?

  • Jesse says:

    W E L C O M E   H O M E   J U L I A ! ! ! !

  • Denise says:




  • anonymous says:

    Many disappointments with whom I hire!  Well trained, experienced “formal staff” are staying put. OMG, would do almost
    anything to find a skilled housekeeper-laundress who has worked in a well run, formal household!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    My husband feels good help is difficult to find, due to high unemployment.  Good household staff, rather stay where they
    feel secure.  Albeit, a bit unhappy.

  • Rinchen says:

    What is so transparent when I am appreciating someone who is helping me to find a suitable position that I have had an experience with. I am sorry to write this but your comment sounds weird to me. Could you pls explain on what context you are replying to. Thanx!!

  • Rinchen says:

    agh shooting stars…

  • Rinchen says:

    Time=money for everyone…the more you save the more you have 🙂

  • Rinchen says:

    I did..

  • Dear Anonymous, 

    Coming from my experiences, every placement is unique. If finding chemistry between employers and employees was a perfect system, then Greenhouse would cease to exist (and we’ve been in business for over 30 years!)  

    You’re right; good staff stays.  But it’s finding those particular people who have the mind-set that want to make whatever home they work in an extension of THEIR home. Money is still a deciding factor, but to the kind of staff you’re looking for (and that we have), they are interested in more than just money in their pocket at the end of the week. They want chemistry and respect as much as you do–staff like this takes pride in their work.  

    I can guarantee, if you put your faith in us, we will find someone for the long-term. 


    Nothing but admiration for the lady….an
    ­d she was a Lady. Feeling sad, very sad. She always stood by her man, worked hard giving my generation hit after hit to remember. Great actress…­will never forget her in the arms of Kevin Costner, while he kicks his way out of the theater. I’m truly “angry.” I’ll miss Miss Whitney Houston.
    My most heartfelt “condolenc­es” go out to her family. I know she’s happy & at peace. Whatever speeding, nightmaris­h & unstoppabl­e “express train” (I believe she was on, the last 10 or so years) she probably tried her hardest to “stop” and get off of…..has finally let her off.

    glenn greenhouse

  • Jesse says:

    I liked her in the Bodyguard. She really should have married Mr. Costner and then lived with him on his trimaran in Waterworld.  

  • Jesse says:

    Sorry, my reflex is humor. R.I.P. Whitney.

    In a house, the boss, when  going over “responsibilities” with a new/prospective  employee, may say: “you’re going to do cleaning, laundry & cooking.  Also, help with the kids when necessary and oh! our linens and bedding are changed twice a week…..I almost forgot, my husband’s shirts  are done at home. He can’t stand the way the ‘cleaner’s’ do his shirts & they come back with buttons missing all the time.”  This is not a good practice. Try to be as specific as possible.  You can begin with tasks starting in the morning. IE: “first thing you’ll do is empty the dishwasher from the night before. Next you go upstairs and make sure the kids are up and getting ready for school. Preparing breakfast and feeding the dogs is next. While the kids are eating their breakfast, make sure their book bags are ready, coats, scarves also.”  Continue the conversation with going through a typical days chores in the order which your household’s needs are best addressed.  It’s always a good idea to have a written and itemized list of expected, daily expectations.  This is not as easy as it sounds…but no one knows your house better, than you.  Including “break time” is important.  A potential employee should know, you are reasonable and do care about their work load.  Making sure you emphasize their need to sit down for a quick lunch, dinner etc goes a long, long way.  Believe it or not, this is one of the most common complaints we hear from housekeepers; “there’s never anything for me to eat or I never have a minute to sit down for a sandwich.”
    The point is, not everything is about salary or money.  Most quality candidates, who have the skill set and experience your seeking, want to be treated with dignity and know their basic needs are important to their boss.  An experienced household/domestic worker understands their roll in the household.  It’s showing your an experienced employer of household staff that will help you land a candidate who will meet your requirements, take pride in their job and want to make their boss happy.  A housekeeper or nanny is not looking for a friend or particularly sweet, kindhearted boss.  Their seeking a stable, organized environment and an occasional pat on the back.
    Bottom line;  Being as clear and detailed as possible upfront, will avoid many problems down the road!!
    Glenn Greenhouse


  • Stacey says:

    We put lots of time in creating a Household Handbook.  As an Executive Assistant, all potential employees are shown the expected responsibilities, for the position we’re seeking to fill.  I always make sure all details of the job are clearly spelled out, before a candidate meets the boss.  This practice has helped with the staff turn-over problem we were having, before the creation of the Handbook.  Your on the right track Glenn!!

  • We need Live – In Nannies who want to earn between $80,000 & $100,000 +++…. You need to speak Exc English, have a minimum of 3 years of verifiable refs from high-end families, speak a second language, be able to travel & be willing to clean the kids rooms and play areas. Take on additional tasks while the kids are in school or with Mom or Dad. A bit of shopping and errands. Pitch in, where ever necessary. No, we’re not talking about doing full-charge housekeeping. Our clients want you to stay busy during your scheduled hours. This is key, because they are willing to pay an excellent wage for the hours they will need you to put in. The question is……are you willing to be flexible enough, to be a true team player. Can you “cheerfully,” say yes when asked to do something which may not be within the “traditional responsibilities” of a Nanny? We have great positions, with families who will treat you with dignity and respect. Where the care of their children does come first. At the same time, these people are going to pay top dollar, offer benefits & other perks……but like in any employment situation, they want to see work, when things are slow. Like in a busy Law Firm. A Lawyer may not have a case he’s working on, or be in court, but his bosses will keep him/her busy with something…maybe researching case histories or going over a 20 page contract with a microscope. Believe me, this Lawyer didn’t go to Law School to proof read or edit another’s work, nor does he relish hours of reading tedious transcripts. It’s the nature of the beast. He’s got to earn his keep. In a big Accounting Firm, many times a CPA will be asked to make quick book entries, or do Checking Account Reconciliations….work normally done by a Bookkeeper, not a CPA. But again, sometimes it is what it is. Bottom line: all employers want to see their employees busy at all times. Just because the kids are in school for 4-5 hours, doesn’t mean it’s break time for a Well Paid Nanny. Your work with the kids is absolutely the most important aspect of all Child-Care Jobs, no matter the ages of the children. It is your skills, experience, education and the “clicking with the kids factor” that will get you in the door. Being a bit humble and knowing in advance you’ll be required to do more than deal with the kids only, is what will make it work. But you will be compensated fairly for the hours you put in. Personally, I think this is what’s really important. Not so much what “extras” are thrown at you, but that your paid for the hours you work, regardless of what your doing.

    I hope, after reading this, you get to our office as quickly as possible, cause we want to meet you. I also welcome any comments or thoughts on the above.

    glenn greenhouse


    Please be sure to consider whether you will be “happy” on the job & “like” the family your considering to commit to. Though very important, money isn’t everything. When in a work environment where you’re close to your boss, all the time…..you must be sure it’s an environment that’s tolerable and you can deal with: “emotionally,” “psychologically” & “…physically.” This is a very unique “employment relationship.” Every “Household” is different, every “Employer” is different. None are truly bad, but some situations are more “stressful” than others. All people are different and some can handle “situations” that others cannot. Look at the “whole picture” when thinking about taking a job. Weigh all the pros & cons. Again, money must not be your only “motivator.” I’m not suggesting taking a position which will put you in worse financial straights, only that giving up an extra $50.00 per week, to take a job where you will be happy & enjoy your days, is the smart way to go.

    by Glenn Greenhouse ©

  • Jesse says:


  • Larisa Dingashvili says:

    Hello Glenn. This is Larisa Dingashvili. I so sad becouse I made mistake when I mention vication in August when I hade inerview with Mrs Kalb. I was honest!!! 11 month my elderly parents waiting for me ,1 child in family. But I have responsobiliti , I never live alone my patients, I always could find replasement girl for 1 month.
    I will try to find some job antill I will fly to Georgia, and I will be  so appreciate if you will give me another chance, when I will be back from Georgia.
    With all my respect. Larisa



    Glenn Greenhouse

  • OOPS, I MEAN  🙂

                              o      o                                                                                                                                                                           ^                                                                                                                                                               \__/                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Jesse says:

    Every business will experience the notorious Paper Tiger–a seemingly strong, great candidate by the words on their resume and references, but in actuality, a mere one-dimensional fallacy.  A few days ago I met a nice housekeeper with UEW/UWS references, felt she was genuine, and only later after extensive reference checks found her to be not a housekeeper, but a clever Microsoft Word user!  I had been duped!
    The moral of this short story of the week is to never believe a reference is real. Go with your gut. Always be skeptical no matter how good someone’s resume reads.

  • Stacey says:

    When hiring for my Boss, I google the addresses of references, do reverse phone number checking and sometimes google the reference themselves.  If it’s legit, I’ll see a beautiful large house & property and most people of means, will come up on google.  I agree Jesse, sometimes the paper a reference is written on is worth more than the words on the paper.

  • Jesse says:

    Jesse’s Story of the Week:
    Before entering into any sort of professional, working relationship both employers and employees always have their guards up–this is natural.  It’s difficult sometimes to trust a stranger, especially in a domestic setting when money is involved.  Employers don’t want to overpay and prospective employees want to be accurately compensated for their skills and experience.  The easy solution is to find a common middle ground for each party, whether it be an agreed upon trial salary or list of job requirements (or both).  After an employer sees that a housekeeper (or nanny) truly has the skills that they claimed on their resume, and said housekeeper can experience in real time the daily duties required of the family, I can guarantee that an accommodating agreement will be made! :))


    For many Employer’s of Household/Domestic Staff, this is the time of year when additional workers are needed.   Though not needing a permanent employee, the same quality & skill-set is essential. References, background and personality component must still be of the level of a “long term” candidate being considered.  The best way to be assured of having expectations met…… is to be up front, in the beginning, about the “temporary nature” of the job.
    We have seen many family’s indicate they are hiring for a permanent position.  A new member of the “team” comes on board.  In all work environments, people talk, conversations can be over heard or the feeling of being in a new, long term setting is lacking.  Very quickly, this new member of the Household Staff gets the feeling they’ve been mislead……. as to the true “stability” of their new job.  A new worker will feel as if they’ve been taken for granted.  True professionals are not naive.  Though being complemented on how well their doing, they will see and feel there is a predetermined, termination.  A situation like this is always best to avoid.  It can be very unsettling to existing staff and of course, the new person is not a happy camper.  They may have left a stable job, to take on this new position.  Possibly, they’ve chosen this temporary situation over a true “permanent, long term position.”
    In this most “unique” of Employer/Employee environments……. the Household, it’s always best to be clear from the get go.  There are always excellent, skilled Housekeepers, Nanny’s, Chefs, etc., who would agree to a short-term arrangement.  An Employer may  pay a slightly higher wage or even a Temp Fee to an Agency…..but it is better to be open & candid.

  • Jesse says:

    My comment for the week is to stay healthy. Eat well, drink well, sleep well.  Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face when you’re on the subway. I adhere to all of these precautions yet somehow still managed to catch a combination of a cold/influenza.  Take care of yourself!

  • Jesse says:

    It’s been an intense week for me and it ends with my grandfather’s funeral tomorrow morning. Please send him good thoughts. He was a good man and an inspirational grandpa for me. R.I.P. Joseph Vanacore Sr.

  • fabia says:

    Denise is awesome!!!!!!, very professional and friendly

  • Tiffany says:

    Your Initial Interview at Greenhouse
    As the person who sits here at the front desk, greeting new applicants, I see many different people walk through this door. Some are dressed to the nines, with a professional resume, a leather briefcase and a whole package of reference letters and certificates. Others arrive with less preparation, but great attitudes, confidence and the ability to tell our Placement Specialists about their qualifications. Many of these folks leave with an interview, or two, set up, or in the works.
    Unfortunately, there are many people, who arrive here unprepared in one way, or another; these folks often have to return to our office, or email us with the vital information that they forgot in the first place. By not preparing for the initial interview, these applicants delay their opportunity to meet with our clients and to possibly leave with a new job.
    Here are some tips as to what to prepare, how to dress, and what information to have with you when you meet with our Placement Specialists:
    ·  Remember to bring a resume – Even if you don’t have the ability to create a perfect resume, it is important that you create a sheet of paper noting the dates you worked,  the name of the family/business you worked for and a list of things you did for them. Although you will be completing an application, most of our clients ask to see the applicant’s resume so they can clearly see the employment history.
    ·  Try to get reference letters – While having the phone numbers of your former employers is important, as we do make sure to check all references, we prefer if you can get written reference letters from the people you’ve worked for.  These letters do not have to be long, but having them adds to your “Applicant Package”, making you more appealing to your prospective employers
    ·  Don’t forget your IDs at home – Unfortunately, many people arrive at the office, and realize that they have forgotten their IDs at home. People almost always carry their Driver’s Licenses with them, but don’t usually walk around with their Social Security Cards, or Green Cards. Remember that we will need to keep your IDs on file, so get them out of the drawer and bring them with you!
    ·  Dress appropriately – Although we do not require anyone to dress up in a suit, a dress, or a tie, to meet with us, it is very important that you dress presentably when meeting with a Placement Specialist.  There are two reasons that your presentation is important.  First, often, our counselors are able to get candidates an interview with a family or two, the same day; however, we can not send you to meet with a potential employer, if you are not dressed “interview ready”. More importantly, your attire says a lot about who you are. Your chosen wardrobe will help our Placement Specialists see that you are prepared, and serious about seeking employment.
    DO WEAR:
    o       Black pants or dark, clean and crisp jeans,
    o       Flat shoes
    o       A button-down shirt, shirt with a collar
    o       Light makeup (women)
    o       Well trimmed nails.
    o       Dirty, grungy and/or ripped pants or jeans
    o       Big, flashy jewelry
    o       Heavy bright makeup, long nails, or wild hairdos
           Remember, first impressions count; and you never have a second chance to make a first
    ·  Don’t be shy – The other day, we had a lovely lady here looking for a job.  Because she came from a different country, she was shy about opening up and telling us about herself in English.  It was hard to draw out information from her at first, and I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to help her, because she wasn’t telling us about her experience and qualifications.  After Denise, our Senior Placement Counselor spent sometime with her and got her to relax, we found out that she was a college educated woman with many years of solid experience, working for prominent families. After her interview, we had options for her; and she left our office with a smile on her face.
    Remember that we are here to assist you. Meeting with a counselor at Greenhouse, shouldn’t make you nervous.  We want to help you find work.  We want to place you with the best family possible; and in order to do so, we need you to tell us about what you can do, and what you have done.  Our counselors ask you each question for a specific reason.  Often we have unique jobs for specific backgrounds.  The more you tell us, the more we can help you.
    Good luck on your interview! I look forward to assisting you!

  • Tiffany says:

    Hi Jesse,
    I just want you to know that we are all here for you. I’m so sorry for your loss; and I hope that you have wonderful memories of your grandpa to keep alive in your heart.  We look forward to having you back at the office.  I will buy you some gum.

  • Denise says:






  • Denise says:


  • My “Heartfelt Condolences” Jesse.  It’s always tough loosing a loved one….. but memories can last forever.  Your Grandfather will always be around in those memories.  Death is inevitable, but a loved one who leaves us, always lives on. Through family they have touched, loved/been loved by and influenced in some way. 
    Be strong and be there for the rest of your family.  Through you and because your the man you are…… you’ve stepped up and have helped make this difficult time, easier for your entire family.
    Please express my sympathies to your Dad and the rest of the family.

  • Stacey says:

    I like what you said and the succinct, easy to understand way you express things.  As a PA who hires & fires for my Boss, I wish all candidates I meet, can read your comment, before meeting with me!!!

  • Titir says:

    Dear Dr. Kristi,My coworker alayws wants to play chess, chat about some cool web site, or show me some youtube video when I am trying to work. How do I nicely either tell them to let me work, or quickly put up with their interrupting banter.

  • Daniel says:

    Posted on She’s an exceptional fgither, and a very strong person. I’m very proud of her, and glad of being by her side loving and supporting her. <3

  • Elmin says:

    Posted on Do you people have a facoeobk fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  • Tiffany says:

    Dear Stacey,
    Thank you very much!  Feel free to print it and pass it on.

  • Tiffany says:

    Denise is kind of awesome.

  • Aneisha says:

    That’s a brilliant answer to an interesting quesotin

  • Jesse says:

    If any applicants still looking for jobs haven’t heard from their counselors, please, find the business card which was given to you and call us! Understand that we sometimes can speak to over 100 people per day! It never hurts to remind us with even a quick email.  If you’re seriously looking for work let us know!! (212) 889 – 7505!

  • Denise says:

    What are your feelings?
    I have been working for Greenhouse for 17 yrs. I have seen the industry go through many changes, but at the end of the day we search for that perfect applicant for our clients needs.
    Many of our clients tend to believe that the younger applicants will have more energy and
    work harder and faster. They don’t realize there are many seasoned domestics who have more
    knowledge, dedication and stamina. They have higher standards and better work ethics. What have your experiences been?

  • Charlotte says:

    I agree with Denise..  I have had staff on the younger side, and they really don’t have the energy the older staff does.
    We right away think because the housekeeper/nanny is younger, the energy will come with it.  Well……that is not
    always the case.  What is missing is the care and experience from being older, along with the HIGH ENERGY!  Do not
    say no  until you have tried it.   Judging a group by it’s age you are missing out on many good workers!  Give it a try.
    I am speaking from experience.  Good Luck in your search

  • Charlotte says:

    Tiffany,  This is so helpful for the candidates in search of a job. Just hope they take a moment to read it. 
    Great advise.

  • Jesse says:

    Yes, Charlotte. I’ve found that many of my clients, after doing trials with younger applicants looking for ENERGY, ended up turning to more seasoned housekeepers/nannies.
    Listen to Denise. She is wise!

  • jacquline phillips says:

    Greenhouse agency is the first employment agency I had ever been to, and was greeted with such courteous warmth and professional level.
    Denise and Tiffany you all are doing an excellent.job. 

  • Thank you so much Jacqueline!  We try hard to help every one. You’re our Client and we’ll never take any of our Clients for granted.  Without good, hardworking, smart and skilled professionals like you…..Greenhouse could never survive. 

    Please pass the word!  Visit us on Facebook and LinkedIn! 

  • Jesse says:

    Hi All,
    Just some Fortune Cookie advice for the weekend — Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible.
    Much love,

  • Denise says:

    When an employee does something wrong forget all the things they did RIGHT!

  • Response to an Employer who’s recent hire, decided she did not want to return.
    You could have had xxxxxx back, at least for the next couple of weeks. With kind words and comments expressing her value and your appreciation. Instead, you attacked and threatened. Weather by innuendo or actual verbiage. You acted in a similar way with me. I’m trying to advise, not criticize. I hope you realize this. Domestic/Household Staff is an employee group, unique and unlike any other. Their “pride & self-esteem,” is all they have. In most cases, they’ve came to the US with little else….except for a suitcase, the clothes on their backs and maybe a relative or friend’s room, waiting for them. When people like xxxxxx; basically honest, hard working immigrants feel they are loosing this “pride & self-esteem,” they clam up and your up against a brick wall. It took me many years to understand this. Again, this is only due to the nature of the Domestic/Household Staffing industry, because of the coming together (and mutual need for each other) of the two distinct Social Classes….. the “rich/well heeled/highly educated” and this “lower Socioeconomic but desirous to work group.”

    Feelings, Thoughts, Comments?

  • Think it would depend on what was done wrong.  EG: If trust or honesty as come into question….. yes, maybe it’s out the do!

    Wishing all Men who care for, love & “desire the best for” their kids; a Sincere and Heartfelt HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!

    Sometimes a Man’s actions may not seem that of a “so called good Father.”  Life has it’s ups and downs for all, including Fathers.  Situations, circumstance and yes….wrong decisions can make some  seem as “less than the best of Fathers.” This goes for Step-Dads also. 

    As both a Dad & Step Dad myself, who has made a few mistakes  (over the years).. I know it’s what is in my heart that counts….. and as long as I’m always trying to do my best as a Father, I’m a good Father.

    I’ve been a Father for 30+ years.  I’ve second guessed myself several times.  I’ve been at the crossroads where choices needed to be made…. please my kids and give them what they want or do what’s truly best for them.  It’s not easy being a Father.  Sticking to my one rule: Doing my best to assure  my Kids have a better life than I had, has been my way of being a good Father. I’m fortunate and blessed to have four wonderful kids.  My Love for them is so strong and deep… it’s unlike any other love. Different from the Love of my wife, Brothers, Parents, Friends etc.  It’s powerful, it’s difficult to describe…. but I’m sure other Father’s know what I’m talking about. 

    It’s also a tough job, with lots of responsibility….. but it is not about providing “material things” or “buying things for your kids.”  It’s about guiding them, being there for them, showing them the right paths to embark on in life.  Showing your kids respect and a willingness to try and understand what they are going through is equally important.  Putting your “foot down & saying NO” when necessary is essential too.

    Being a parent is very difficult.  But a good parent cannot be selfish and put themselves first… the kids must come first. This is a good parent.

    Perfection is not a requirement for being deserving of this special Day.  Any man who thinks this, should give himself a pass…. providing he does  care for, love & “desire the best for” his kids!!!!

    This Father’s Day is dedicated to my two Fathers:
    Martin Greenhouse and Norman Popkin!

    Glenn Scott Greenhouse

  • Jesse says:

    A Quick Hypothetical:
    Let’s say you need a job. You come to Greenhouse with your resume, reference and ID. You meet myself or one of the other counselors. We get you an interview for a position that is attractive both in responsibilities, hours and salary. You get along well with the family. After your interview, Mr. Smith calls and alerts us that he’s interested in extending you an offer, that he wants you to start working as soon as possible, that you’re exactly what he’s looking for in an employee, that there’s chemistry.  Mr. Smith also says that he wants to start you off at a lower weekly salary than what you require because he wants to see you prove your skills, that he likes to have room to give raises. 
    Now, what do you do? Take this mutually agreeable job and accept the lower salary? OR, decide to wait, effectually turning your back on the seemingly perfect job because Mr. Smith is not meeting your salary requirements.  
    I’ve seen this happen. I’ve seen housekeepers and nannies decide not to accept a job with chemistry. I’m writing this now because I’ve also seen how much these housekeepers and nannies have regretted not taking that perfect job. Sure, they found higher paying positions down the line, but they didn’t stay at them for very long, looking for work again with a sour taste in their mouth. 
    Money is of course a very important factor when deciding whether or not a job is right for YOU. Just remember, it’s not everything.

  • Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I just began working with Greenhouse staffing. I actually was very excited to be called by Tiffany from Greenhouse Staffing, who had received my resume and was following up regarding nanny job openings. I went in the same day to meet her as well as all of the lovely staff who work within the Greenhouse. I was shocking and relieved at how genuinely nice and personable everyone was there from the moment I walked through the door. I should mention that I have lived and worked in NYC for 7 years as a career nanny, and have looked to an agency (or a few) when needing help in finding a new position. I had thought that I had been going to the best or most well regarded agencies in the city, but now I think otherwise after meeting and working with the staff at Greenhouse. Really looking forward to working with them now as well as referring them to others in need of domestic help. 

  • Thank you Sarah for such kind words.  Comments like yours are sincerely appreciated and never taken for granted.
    All The Best
    Glenn Scott Greenhouse

  • sellis says:

    I guess those applicants must like the unemployment line and being broke. Weekends especially in the summer! Especially at $55k I say bring it on!

  • Jesse says:

    Dear Everyone,
    Tomorrow marks my final day working at Greenhouse. I learned many valuable idiosyncrasies working within the business of domestic placing and recruitment and will walk away with all of the knowledge passed on to me from Glenn, Julia and Denise.  I am very appreciative of the opportunity I was given along with the bestowed confidence to succeed in a field which I had no prior experience. 
    I met so many interesting people, employers and employees alike, and hopefully will retain some semblance of my relationships with all of them (at least in my memory).  Special shout outs to Ewa K., Lauren S., Sarah S., Claudine D., Abby, Nancy B., Miriam C., Lenora K., Tracy E., Maka M., Joseph & Eva, Patricia R., and Maria C. to name only a few. Thank you all!  So many people are wound up in their own lives, but all of you took the time and made the effort to be cordial, respectful and amicable.  Please don’t change!
    I hope, to the people I helped, that I somehow bettered their lives; and to the people I was unable to aid in their job search, that they haven’t lost hope.  And me, I am off to continue my education at City College in pursuit of becoming a doctor.  It’s a long road ahead for all of us no matter how fleeting it may seem at times. 
    Much love and admiration,

  • denise says:

    Jesse it has been a privilege having worked with you!  I will miss your support and energy you have brought to
    our office everyday.  All I can say is my shout out is to you.   I wish you all the best with your future plans.  You
    will be missed JV  Much love and hugs.  You have helped me grow in so many ways and I thank you for that.
    Missing you already……………

  • Tiffany says:

    Dear Jesse,
    I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but you have taught me a lot about working here at Greenhouse. I follow a lot of your advice, and it has helped me very much.  I hope that you have a wonderful career as a doctor and are able to help children to stay healthy, as you helped them to get the best nannies.
    I’ll miss what you bring to the office.  Please keep in touch.

  • Jesse says:


  • Jesse says:

    <3 xoxo

  • Chantell says:


    I am a Louisiana native, looking to transition into the New York area permanently.  I have a Bachelor of Science and a Juris Doctor.  I have previous experience working for judges and attorneys.  My particular areas of interest include contract drating and negotiating, business/corporate matters, human resources, and estate planning.  I would like to know if you think I would have a hard time breaking into the New York market, either as an estate/house manager or executive/personal assistant.  Any additional advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards!


  • denise says:


  • Tim says:

    I just started working for Greenhouse Agency, observing how the office works and learning the ropes. After only a short while, I realize that matching the right candidate to a client is like fitting together pieces in a big jigsaw puzzle. There are a lot of specific variables that have to combine together in order for client and candidate to be happy alike. It is the placement specialist’s job to find the best people to work together, so that each party will be happy going forward.
    Right now I am working towards joining the Greenhouse Agency team as a counselor who will help with fitting the various puzzle pieces together.

  • denise says:


  • denise says:


  • denise says:


  • denise says:

    Thank you for the positive reply.

  • denise says:

    Was meant to say can’t fit that last piece in.  Sorry

  • Corina Yildiz says:

    Awww, my position with a family on Saturday nights just ended.  I was really lucky to find a pretty good Saturday job.  I mean it was alot of work, but fun.   Now I don’t know if I will find another for Saturdays.  The kids are 7,5 and almost 3.  They lived in Tenafly and are moving for company relocation.  If anyone from the agency knows another family around Fort Lee, Tenafly, Alpine looking for Saturday help; please let me know.  I also have a reference letter from this family

    Thank you

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    a best web site for hottest uрdatеs.

  • fori07 says:


  • I want to thank all our loyal clientele who has bared with us during the unforeseen & unexpectable phone outage we’ve been dealing with since July 31st.  At first, Verizon assured us complete restoral of service by August 6 or 7. From the first day, we knew we were facing a major crisis as our business is conducted and depends tremendously on phone service.
    It was very sad to find out, one of the world’s largest and most technologically advance telecommunications companies could only offer call forwarding of one (of our seven voice) lines or a voice mail message.  Providing equipment enabling phone use through the internet….we were told; is something Verizon does not do.  Note; not “cannot do.”  We scrambled to bring in two Vonage lines within the first few days, but could only bring two lines in.  Still better than call-forwarding to a cell. 

    Through out these past two weeks our clients have still managed to reach us & we have maintained contact and have been working super hard to be of service and available to the many “candidates we are working with” and “all the families who we’re currently helping with their staffing needs.”  Thank god for e-mail and texting.  Also my dedicated and great staff, who have worked from home late into the nite and have been doing what ever it takes to avoid disappointing any one.  Sometimes it’s difficult under normal circumstances to keep up with all the activity which includes fielding “job seeker’s” reply’s and contact, “employer’s” inquiries and setting up interviews so their needs are met.  There’s references to be checked, background history reports to request, obtain, digest and send over and always helping with problems between an Employer and their Staff…… which is always a priority. I could go on and on………

    I’m sincerely grateful for the many years of hard work by so many, which has given Greenhouse it’s un-matched “reputation” as the “go to firm” for Domestic/Household Staffing & Recruitment.  I can see how the
    “name recognition” we enjoy has played a huge role in helping Greenhouse get through this tough time. 

    Earlier today I was informed by Verizon the date for restoration of all service has been pushed back to August 17th.  This is sad.  I can only wonder how the other 140 or so Verizon customers also affected are managing.  I’m quite sure most of us are small businesses dependent on phone service for everyday operations.  If it would do any good? I would be angry at the fact all Verizon will do is credit my phone bill for the time service has been interrupted.  It appears Verizon is not concerned if a company goes out of business as a result of this episode.  For some businesses this could be a reality.
    I am happy to say Greenhouse is set to switch to Time Warner for Voice and Data.  This is scheduled to be in affect, with the change over scheduled for later today, Friday, August 10th.  
    I’m confident, come Monday, Greenhouse will be operating with all it’s resources.  We will be working even harder to meet the needs and expectations of the many good people who have came to depend on Greenhouse for their Staffing Requirements and those who seek us out for that great employment situation.
    Again, my heartfelt thanks to all of Greenhouse’s clients who have truly shown their trust in us during these tenuous past two weeks.

    Glenn Scott Greenhouse


  • Had a great weekend in Brooklyn with friends. Want to give a shout out to “OLD FULTON STREET
     RESTAURANT”At 7 old Fulton St. Brooklyn,ny
    Great food and wine menu.  Looking forward to a productrive week.  Love and peace xox

  • Could Verizon be going out of the land-line business?  I see first hand, the little importance they show regarding this part of their various services.  Maybe worse…. could they be in trouble?  Fios was a costly bust!  GM went under.  Any one remember Pan American Airways or a bank call Chemical.  We’ve all see, no Company is to big to fail.   All failures lead back to issues, situation and management 24 or so months prior.  Sometimes decisions made years prior.  What can Verizon possibly be planning for the future of their traditional phone business, if they consciously allow their customers to loose money or go out of business.  This is what we experienced.  We changed to another carrier.

  • Tiffany says:

    Welcome to the end of summer folks; the time of year where we all try to hold on to those last sunny days away and to that fresh Hamptons air.
    It’s also the time when we start to think ahead. School, homework, livings back in the city. Most of all, we seek out the best for our children in the upcoming school year.
    If you need domestic help, whether it be a great nanny, to take your children to activities, to help them with their homework, or just to make your hectic life a bit easier, Greenhouse is here.
    We also have top notch housekeeps and housemen to maintain a spotless home, get your laundry (and those school uniforms) done,  and to have dinner ready every night. Having a comfortable home, can make all the difference for a family, and for active children.

    So, as the days begin to get shorter, and before those leaves change color, call us. Be as specific as you like; we will find the right staff to suit your needs, and make the fall a wonderful new beginning for you and your family.


  • Tiffany says:

    Corina, come sign up at our office. Right now we don’t have jobs for only Saturdays; but if you are in our system, we can think of  you when we get one in.


  • Technology will get the better of you!
    It’s early evening already and it’s been a hectic couple of days.  You want to send one last e-mail before finishing up. You start typing in the name of the recipient and the auto feature kicks in. You quickly write your short message and hit send. A few minutes later as your ready to leave for the day, you notice a new e-mail. It’s a response to the e-mail you just sent and it’s “curt” and almost rude.  You may think to your self; what kind of games are these people playing now, as the e-mail you had sent may have been about monies due.  Then you may pick up the phone to call her/him and they are running out the door, possibly to catch a plane. The conversation is brief and definitely not to your satisfaction.  Now you feel like “showing her/him a thing or two and type out a detailed message, throwing in every and any relevant tidbit you can think of.  Possibly you even decide to “cc” a few other involved party’s along with a higher up, wanting to be sure your message yields the desired results. There’s an immediate reply from this person we’ll call Susan, stating she’s Susan from “so and so,” has no idea what your talking about and is in the hospital having just given birth…..and is obviously a bit annoyed at being unnecessarily bothered at time like this. Then it hits you, “OMG” (Oh My God)…. you thought your first (last of the day) e-mail went to Susan at “so and so” but you sent the e-mail to another Susan from the wrong “so and so.”  When you began that e-mail, typing in S u and the “auto feature” which remembers e-mail addresses kicked in to complete the “addressee”….. what was to be a simple routine communique became a huge, embarrassing mistake. To make matters worse, additional people then become involved and you end up with a few nice people who you enjoy a good relationship with…. slightly angry, to say the least.
    So be careful when using the wonderful technologies that do make our lives easier and always check EVERYTHING before hitting send.
    My sincere apologies to both J.K & J.H also M.H.

  • denise says:

    Glenn just read your comment regarding e-mails.  It is so true. Our day never ends, and we are always rushing.  We all should take that extra moment to review anything we send and ask ourselves how would I feel if I received this e-mail.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  • denise says:

    Happy and healthy holiday weekend, if you find your self with a moment please visit us on our Face book page.
    love to all.

  • David Kandelaki says:

    Greenhouse Agency is awesome! Since the first time I contacted them about 3 years ago through today, they have been a huge help to me. Everyone in the office is a professional, caring, and extremely experienced. The agency has given me jobs every time I needed it the most and has been a great support throughout my employment.

    I like people that run this agency and that work there and most importantly, I trust them!

    Thank you,

    David Kandelaki 

  • Glenn says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words.  It’s great candidates like you that help Greenhouse, and truly are the backbone of our success.


    Glenn Scott Greenhouse

  • Glenn says:

    It’s Easy To Make A Deal???

    I’m at this for 30+ years. This business involves the most unique of Employer/Employee relationships.  Yes, not all situations work our, but it’s not always the fault of the Agency.  There’s way to many variables involved.   It’s much more than finding someone with the required skill-set, who’s basic Employment Requirements be within the parameters of what an Employer is offering.  There’s the “personality component” and “attitude” an employee brings to the work place.  This is what get’s everyone through the day.  I believe this is absolutely a fact, because these jobs require people who are willing to and can handle anything that will come up during a typical day. 

    I’ve yet to see a job description that could detail every task, requirement and responsibility in a daily scheduled format.  It’s almost impossible when employing staff to work for a busy, active family to outline everything and anything that could come up at a moment’s notice.

    Our job as Domestic/Household Staff Recruiters is much more difficult than many believe.


    Glenn Scott Greenhouse

  • Glenn says:

    Letter Written To NY Times Regarding Job/Resume  Posting Websites

    Hello Michael;

    I’ve been noticing “scams” and situations similar, frequently as of late.  There  was the article in last weeks Daily News; The Nanny Scams.  This was the opposite, where it’s the Nanny’s or Job Seeker’s trying to pull a “fast one.”  I’m finding this problem to be rampant through out the country.  I know this is due to the total “visualization” of the Posting Sites.  Anyone can put up a posting with nothing in place to verify the authenticity of it’s content.

    I’ve been in the Domestic/Household Staff Recruitment business for 30+ years.  My agency is licensed by DCA, has a mid-town office and we run a five desk operation.  My site also has a job board.  An “Available Candidates” listing board also.   Every posting is put up by my staff, with info that has been obtained from an Employer we have spoken with (vetted using our SOP) and has signed a “fee agreement” as we are strictly an Employer Fee Paid Agency.  Same  when posting Candidates.  Each has been to our office, their refs checked, a complete file including ID, resume, refs & background check history has been established.  Additionally in both cases, Employers & Job Seekers have been interviewed by us, who are the professionals in this industry.

    I am not trying to show my postings have better jobs or the better qualified candidate.  I want to point out the “safety and security” issues involved when comparing the Internet Based/Virtual Job Boards and postings on the website of a legitimate, bonafide service like Greenhouse Agency. 

    We all know the scary world we live in.  I deal with the Rich & Famous, the not so Famous but in all cases the “Rich & Well to Do.”   Folks in this socioeconomic bracket must be super careful about who comes to their house, if only for an interview, let alone hire.  The interviewee will have gained basic info IE; name of family & family members, an address, phone # s, a family’s day to day schedule/routine, maybe where kids go to school, other staff info, Summer/weekend houses along with all else observed during the interview.  Discretion & keeping a low profile is the norm for 99% of the 1% :)…….but bringing anyone into their house for an interview (even interviewing at place of work or a Starbucks, which some are now doing) but a “true career professional, who is experienced, skilled, vetted & is honestly seeking a job could prove to be a danger, a big mistake or at best…. a waste of time.

    The same can be said for the “legitimate” Nanny, Housekeeper, Private Chef etc. who gets involved with an alleged Employer with an opening to fill.  There are lots of “crazies out there” or people running some sort of con or swindle.  A job seeker can walk into an interview and find themselves in the middle of a “dangerous and nightmarish situation” though I know this sounds extreme.  However, before getting the interview, I’m sure the “posting employer” has garnered a tremendous amount of personal and vital information on the candidate; the resume in most cases will show address and phone numbers.  Many will readily give out their SS# if asked, prior to the interview.  Reference names and numbers will be given.  In the wrong hands, all this data could be of possible harm to someone or used to someones benifit, depending on how “crafty” they are. These websites should post “disclaimers” as to the validity and accuracy of the postings.  It shouldn’t be in the small print.  Or, they should do more to verify the postings accuracy and legitimacy, as we do everyday.  It’s simply to easy to put anything on a form, pay a registration or membership fee and click I accept and then post.

    Due to the techno-digital world we live in, to many people believe; if it’s on the web-site, it must be true.  Of course, the better the web-site is written and appears, the more believable it’s content and by extension it’s postings.  This is a problem which will only grow and I’m sad to say; lead to an unfortunate, but avoidable circumstance where someone is truly  and seriously hurt or worse. 

    Only the media and journalists like you can make the public aware of this problem.  I commend you for the article I’m writing about and happy it appeared in the NY Times.


    Glenn Scott Greenhouse

  • Celia says:

    I heard from a good  friend of mine a few months ago that Greenhouse is a Excelent High Profile  Employment Agency in NYC. So  I started working with them, they got a job for me, Jesse was very professional and very kind. But unfortunatelly the family’s schedule didnt fit well for me,  Im still counting on it that i will get a great job from them because they are very trustworth, responsable and kind staffing to get a nice Childcare job from. Thank you Glenn for all your attention. I will be looking forward to see you again.
    My best regards

  • NANNY (Older Sister) mentor
    Seeking Nanny, COLLEGE DEGREE a must. Two very active, busy kids with  “typically full schedules.”  Ages 7 & 11. Experience working w children during the “formative years” is essential. Job description includes but not limited to: keeping kids schedules/appointments, homework, play-dates & activities, after-school programs IE: take to Little League & other instructional settings. Some “Family Assistant” tasks. Energetic, able to befriend – relate to – guide – set boundaries for – care for by example – subdue strong will when necessary and always aware of role of responsibility and that of safety.  This is a job working for a wonderful, down to earth, caring, family where both Mom and Dad are involved in busy careers. Salary up-to 100K plus perks!! for a late AM/early PM start going through dinner time.  This is not a job for a “clock watcher” but this Family is fair, understanding, and reasonable.  Other staff!  If you can make your job your priority….this position is for you.
    Ryan @ 212.889.7505

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  • denise says:

    Thank you for letting it be known.  We want to help everyone, but it seems if it is not one thing it is something else
    that does not match.  Both employees and employers should be a little flexible.  As long as the candidate has the
    skills needed to do the job, Age should not be a deal breaker.  For the candidates, you want to get a job, there is
    always something that that is not to your liking.  Days, hrs etc.  You need to think how bad do I need to work?  Until
    you hit the lottery you must be flexible. 

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  • Heri says:

    You don’t say where you live, and that can make a BIG difference in how much suscces you would have growing in a greenhouse in winter. I live in Minnesota, where of course it gets really cold and days are short. I worked in a hydroponic greenhouse here, and we grew only greens, lettuces, kale, etc..in the winter. Spring through fall we grew tomatoes, basil, peppers and other greens, but they just won’t grow in the winter, there isn’t enough light. It also costs a lot of money to heat a greenhouse in winter, so do your homework before you make a decision. I should say that you can add supplemental lighting to a greenhouse in winter, but again it is very expensive.

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    If i want working as housekeeper where can i find out a school for that.

  • Sarah says:

    I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to Greenhouse Agency for working with me to help find me an incredible job! Tiffany went above and beyond to work with me and really look for the right match for my job needs. I couldn’t be happier.
    All the best to the Greenhouse team  

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  • Tiffany says:

    Thank you for those lovely words Sarah.  You made it easy to work with you.  I told you we’d find the best fit.  I’m so happy for you!

  • Tiffany says:

    Dear Hermes,
    Thank you so much for the lovely post.  We try and keep everyone updated on jobs and other informaton about the domestic field.  If you are ever searching for a job, or seeing an employee, feel free tp call us at 212-889-7505.
    Thank you again,

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  • We have a nice job for a Housekeeper/Nanny.  It’s live out, UPE in Manhattan.  Family has three kids…. in school most of the day.  Candidate should have verifiable refs,  be energetic and speak English very well. Some cooking a plus!!!
    Salary is $900.00 gross, on the books. Some flexibility.
    Please…..only those who have the references and experience should apply. Don’t want to waste anyone’s time.
    Only those who have worked in a semi-formal house before, should apply.  This is a nice family who respects their staff.
    M-F, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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  • Greenhouse’s definition of “Chauffeured Transportation.”
    Since we do not have; “beam me up Scotty” yet…….Chauffeured Transportation would be the following, at a minimum:
    1. Availability at Bosses request, when and where needed.
    2. Transport safely & comfortably by a FOCUSED, SECURITY-CONSCIOUS
    3. Transport from point A to point B in as fast a time possible, utilizing knowledge of
    routes & destination, various construction/movie-shoots/closed streets, along w
    traffic conditions.
    4. Driver must be “Secret Service” type; see’s nothing, hears nothing, repeats
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    he/she realize someone in vehicle is having a hear attack or other medical issue.
    5. Ideal Chauffeured Transportation is rendered by a person who is ex/retired law-
    enforcement.  Having a “get out of jail free” card, could come in handy when car is
    stopped for minor infraction or asked to move from a “no standing zone.”
    Glenn Scott Greenhouse

  • Marty says:

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    live in jobs. Regards

  • Glenn says:

    If only Employers of “Personal Service Staff” would be clear about their expectations and the job…..what a wonderful world it would be????

    I’ve found the majority of my clients have found (learned) ways of making tons of money…. but along with this comes the “Frankenstein”…… the 15,000 + sq ft house or apartment. The 2nd and 3rd (many times more) properties. Boats, planes and a fleet of cars. But these are still family units, with the same basic needs of all families, compounded now with complications of all the
    toys mentioned above. It’s a “monster” resulting from hard work, success & choice of lifestyle.

    Now eight or more bathrooms need cleaning, four or more beds need be stripped and made if not the linens changed entirely, thousands of sq ft of floors needed vacuuming -moping-sweeping-waxing-washing, god only knows how much glass/mirrors to be Windexed…..all each & every day. This is just scratching the surface of the multitude of tasks and work requiring attention and responsibility….. each and every day.

    Proper and professional management is now a necessity. The Principal/s must detail their “wants and wishes.” Be clear about their expectations.

    So many of my clients have told me; “I wish we were back in our smaller Park Ave apartment. I never had to deal with all this staff” or “We have so much money, but we really are not happy because we can’t find the right ‘staff’ to do the needed jobs, tasks and take on the necessary responsibilities, so that we can truly enjoy what we have.”

    Well….give up a bit of control and hire the right House-manager, PA etc….. a professional! Duh?

    It’s literally; “watch out what you wish for, you just might get it.” A “Frankenstein situation” was created and it’s hard to control. It’s funny how some people can manage “conglomerates,” but not there homes. I feel for lots of my clients, because it is a tough job. They have 2 – 4 kids of different ages. Being rich, these kids are involved in a multitude of activities and their social lives require a PA to manage. Laundry in these houses is a full-time job in itself. What about meals, while Mom & Dad are on crazy diets or eating one type of cuisine, while the kids are finicky and must be served something else all together. I can go on and on.

    Communicating with Staff is absolutely essential. Outlining chores and schedules is a must. Securing proper quality and experienced staff goes without saying. So……if the boss takes the time to be clear with how their house should be run, along with their expectations….VIA their designated manager? Then he/she will see to it; a smooth running operation is in place. Hopefully the end result is a “wonderful world” with satisfied Principal/s and a happy staff.

    Glenn Greenhouse

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  • You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!!!
    Being in this business, you here so many stories everyday.  I’m always saying to myself; “I should share some of this stuff…it’s really funny.”
    A few weeks back, an Employer who we had placed a Couple with, had concerns with the husband’s driving, especially in the city.  They liked the Couple, but this was becoming more and more of a problem.  The Employer decided one day, he would drive and his driver (husband of the Couple) would sit next to him up front and monitor his busy cell phone for him. This Employer went on to describe how, while “he” was driving, his driving began relaying the messages and e-mails that were coming in.
    So we have a Boss driving up Avenue Of The Americas and his driver saying: “Sir, so and so from the office needs to talk to you, it’s your wife and she’s reminding you about dinner to-nite at 8:00 PM, Oh! Sir.. this sounds like a new client!, Sir it’s your broker and he’s recommending you sell 20,000 shares of XXXXXX, Wow.. Sir it’s the new client from last week and It sounds like he’s ready to make a big purchase, Sir..another new client..sounds like there serious and ready to do something immediately….they are asking about a necklace in the $500,000.00 range (the Boss is in the Jewelery Biz) and I think you should get back to them right away.” It went on and on like this. Would you believe?
    More funny situations to come!
    Glenn Greenhouse

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    Both “Men” were taken from us at to young an age. As a loyal reader of my favorite writers and follower of my most loved Actors (and their Characters), I was hit with a “one two punch” yesterday.

    Flynn had become my “absolute” must read Novelist. This was after 35 years of reading. Starting with LeCarre, Ludlum, Sheldon, Arthur Hailey, Jeffrey Archer and the like. After Flynn’s first book, I was hooked. I always had his books pre-ordered on my Kindle.

    Both these deaths have me feeling grateful to be alive and healthy at 55, but have left a giant “gap”…. I do not feel will ever be filled.

    Glenn Greenhouse

  • We ask all to pray for Denise Behnke!! She had fallen seriously ill this morning. She is now in Bellevue Hospital, were Dr’s are doing there best. Please, please say a prayer for Denise to make a full recovery. She is loved by so many and we all….with asking God’s help, can make a difference!

    Thanks to all,

  • Rosaria says:

    Just wish to say your article is as astonishing.
    The clearness in your post is just great and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the gratifying work.

  • Ivana Rabelo says:

    Greenhouse Household Agency:                                                                          August 19, 2013
    This is a wonderful Household Agency you can go to find a great job opportunity. They treat you with GREAT respect and they do not measure effort, time and energy to help you to achieve your professional goals. Mr. Glenn, Mrs. Yulia and Mrs. Denise are truly amazing people who even call you after their long and hard day of work to check on you… and you are also free to call them if you have any question or concern. They make you feel wanted and valued as a candidate and this is a wonderful feeling.  I sincerely THANK Mr. Glenn, Mrs. Yulia and Mrs. Denise for everything they have been doing for me and I HIGHLY recommend this great Household Agency to all who are looking for a great household position.

  • DRIVER / CHAUFFEUR   Needed ASAP….. NYC ///  w Family Experience!!!!!
    Great Family, known to treat staff with kindness and consideration.  Mon – Fri,  8:00 AM – 7:00 PM    65K -70K
    No O/T or Health, just a good job paying a decent salary.

  • Greenhouse Agency Ltd. says:



    Nannies, Housekeepers, Drivers Available at Greenhouse Agcy Ltd.

  • Ildiko Fulop says:

    A Gift of Happiness

    Today, on my way to work I noticed an advertisement on the subway. It read, “A Gift of Happiness…discover how wisdom brings real satisfaction, gain tools for living life more consciously, and develop the power of attention to fully realize your potential.”

    In a perfect world, there is a perfect job waiting for you …and just when you need it. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world, at least not all of us. We take positions for different reasons and needless to say these choices might lead us on paths of dormant potentials. 4 years ago I started a job with a very simple, straight forwarding work expectation. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do on a long run. As the years went by, I started thinking: If ever I get an opportunity to do what I really want to do…would this transition lead to ultimate happiness?

    I came to a realization that happiness is in my own hand and decided that I’ll make the most out of what I have. After all, why should I chase my dream job which may not be as perfect as I hope? So, I slowly started implementing my knowledge and passion into my work routine. Now (as the years went by) we have established a weekly routine of cooking projects. We look at old recipes or search for a new idea online. We spy for new ingredients on the market – and try to learn about them. We manage our time and pace our project. We integrate humor and create lifetime memories. At last we learn to take pride in our work and …repeat.

  • interview

    The Mariah Carey Interview

    Can’t say I know all the details but I do know a job is a job. Which means you follow your boss’s instructions. If avoiding a “motherly nurturing relationship” is the wish of the Mom who’s most probably paying a generous salary?……So be it.

    I’m in the Domestic/Household Staffing Biz for 30+ years. I’ve seen it all.

    From what has become apparent, a Nanny working for Mariah must always be sure to constantly remind her/his charges: “Mommy Loves You and will be home very soon.” “I am not your Mommy I work for your family and my job is to take care of you.” “Your Mommy works very hard and is a great Mommy who loves you!”..

    I believe a professional, smart, talented Nanny can do their job and (AT THE SAME TIME) take steps to avoid the “little ones” they care for, from beginning to reach for them or look at them as their Mommy.

    Again, if this is what the Boss wants…then it’s just like any other work place. As long as your being treated fairly, you be sure you understand your Boss’s wishes and perform to your Boss’s expectations.

    Glenn Greenhouse
    Greenhouse Agency Ltd.

  • New York Nanny Agency
    The Dog Came Out Of Nowhere…. and the Candidate Ran From The Interview!!!

    All was going as good as could be.  Julie was being interviewed by Mr. & Mrs. French.  The three were chatting for about 45 minutes.  Mom & Dad even brought their cute 4 year old to meet and talk to Julie.  All were very relaxed, with Julie going over her past experience and answering all questions asked.  Mr. & Mrs. French had already begun to think about a start date.  They liked Julie.  They can tell she knew her job, was sincere and liked the questions she had asked.

    As Julie was responding to their queries regarding her salary history, out of nowhere, “Chai” comes running in from another room.  Chai is darting towards Julie and screeches to halt at her feet for a split second.  Then jumps up into her lap.  Seeing Julie obviously and visibly shaken, almost to the point of hysterics, the little 4 year old grabs his little “shneegle” (Schnauzer & Beagle mix doggie).  The family started laughing a bit, but not inconsiderately at Julie.  The whole thing happened so fast and though Chai was no more than 9 or 10 pounds, Julie was caught of guard and didn’t really like dogs.  So the humor was a result of the incident and by no means were they laughing at Julie.  But Julie got right up and said: “I’m sorry, but I must leave immediately.  I can’t work in this house.”

    Oh well.  I guess even for a nice easy 40 hour week job, taking care of  one 4 year old, while Mom and Dad are at work and being paid $55,000.00 per year can make a difference when the un-expected happens during an interview.  Julie had really wanted that job.  The family seemed leaning to giving her a try.  But what’s meant to be…..is meant to be.

    Glenn Greenhouse
    Greenhouse Agency Ltd.

  • L says:

    You can see the unprofessionalism as soon as you walk into the office. Not only do you hear and see them treat some  applicants with an attitude, but also what they do is they take the copies of all your documents, social security card etc. and then they don’t even respond to your emails. Who knows what they use all of your work history details and the copies of your documents. 

  • Is this comment from Ildiko? 
    Regardless of who “L” is, these comments are false and mis-leading.  Our gathering of documents are the only possible way to do our job.
    What is our job?  The job of all at Greenhouse is to help people (job-seekers) find work.  How can this be accomplished without asking for documents like a resume, references, SS# for a background check etc.?
    Greenhouse Agency does not force anyone to give us any data or info.  As a matter of fact;  Each Candidate that fills out an application when visiting our office signs (willingly) a statement which indicates clearly they give Greenhouse permission to check their references, perform a background check and fully understands Greenhouse is an “Employer Fee Paid Agency” with no fees or costs whatsoever to the Job-Seeker.
    Please be clear “L” as to what you are insinuating?  Anyone can write with innuendo, but be fair and spell it out…. unless you know all that you are writing is a fabrication and this be the reason you pose statements as questions!
    This is the very first time I have ever responded to any comments in this manner.  Even when a client wrote; “beware!” 
    I take immediate and personal offense and will address anything written which is a lie. The same goes for any person who dare lie, when such action is meant to malign the good name and reputation of Greenhouse Agency!
    “L”; “You have no right to even insinuate Chris has an attitude with any Candidate, even if your statement is subjective! Chris is one of the nicest, most easygoing, polite, caring, unflappable young men I have ever come across. It has to be Chris you refer to as he greets and is the first of Greenhouse’s staff to deal with all who walk through the door.  Shame on you for besmirching such genuinely good person like Chris!”
    Further, I hereby challenge you to prove or provide credible evidence Greenhouse DOES NOT use THE INFO gathered from any Candidate for the purpose of checking background, work history and assess skills for job referral. 
    In closing, I can only assume you are either a job-seeker who has been out of work for a long time (for which you have my sincere heartfelt sympathy as I do know how tough it is to be without work), seeking to put blame on someone, or you must have worked at Greenhouse and simply couldn’t make it as a recruiter.
    I thank the thousands of Employers and Job-seekers who think highly of my company for reading this.
    Glenn Scott Greenhouse                                               

  • L says:

    Firstly I do think your comments are insulting and not necessary.. Secondly I absolutely disagree with all the things you’ve said. Having a job or not having one has nothing to do with the comment that’s made above. When you’re asked to show all of your documents and somebody takes copies of them and then tells you they’ll be in touch or you should check back in with them, they should have a decency to answer back peoples’ inquiries regarding the position they’ve applied for. 
    Since everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, this is what I think. 

  • Tahisha Bullock says:

    From coming off the plane to walking into Greenhouse Staffing as been my most memorable experience ever. All the staff warm, friendly, embracing, professional approach made me felt loved and know that their are great people in the world. I feel so welcomed and happy as a candidate. Each employee at Green House make it their duty to help each candidate until that person is employed. Craig Ginsberg as helped me tremendously. Craig’s dedication, devotion,
    and professionalism as made him one of the best person I have met. Craig ensure both candidate and client are happy at all times. I want
    to also thank Denise for all your professional help, you sacrifice all
    your time patiently in helping both candidates and clients in full
    filling their wishes. Thank you for helping me also. Your help is very much appreciated. I have been on some amazing interviews with some outsanding high profile employers, and it’s the greatest feeling ever to walk into a home and all you can feel is positives surround you. Craig I want to thank you for making me happy. You have made
    my life the very best! Thank you once again.

  • Belinda says:

    My experience so far has been very positive at the agency. Tsering guided me by giving helpful hints and suggested ways in improving the layout of my resume so it may be more appealing to potential employers. She was amazing with the follow up after I got hired to ensure everything was going all right. I must say that they do their best to match you up with potential employers and I am confident that I will always find something suitable with the help of this agency whenever the need arise, I have a lot of faith in them.
    Thanks Tsering

  • kelly says:

    My experience with this agency has been very professional, I’m working with Tsering and so far she’s been great with responding to my emails and my question i might have. overall i think it’s going to be great. and i would highly recommend this agency to anyone who’s looking for a job.

  • CJ Love says:

    I have a friend who is looking for a great staffing Agency in New York; I was reading a few of your wall post and company descriptions’ and found them very interesting…
    (Every great business is build on friendships).
    What are your candidate requirements?
    Thanks in advance — for any information that might or may tweet her interest.

  • CJ says:

    Well spoken:
    Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy

  • Lytra Wilson says:

    Recently, The Greenhouse Agency invited me to come to New York from Michigan for an interview. I accepted. The warm and caring natures of the agents, particularly Denise and Candice made my experience ideal. They made sure that my experience was favorable!! Thank u guys! I will never forget u!

  • Patricia Lambert says:

    ‎Dear Denisse,

    Happy Belated Thanks Giving!

    I must say Thanks to you for your kind time, trying to help me to get the “gig” job!

    Not easy, more when a single mom and in need. But, I cannot let go the week without recognized how nice you were to me always!

    Thank you!

    Patricia Lambert

  • Kash says:

    Hello. I’m currently looking cleaning job. Anything that you need done as far, as cleaning and replenishing your fridge and cabinets with groceries I CAN DO! YES I CAN!!. And i am a student here . I am available whole week . I am punctual, reliable, honest, trustworthy, serious about my work . Thanks . Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Cecile Fonacier says:

    Hello this is Cecile Fonacier and i would like to know if there is anything job wise for me yet. Thank You!

  • Alexis says:

    Hello. How does one begin with little or no experience at all? Does anyone offer opportunities to those who have yet to be offered one?

  • Dear Sir or Madam, My best friend Andrea and I just applied as a couples team. I am a Retired Police Officer, with formal academic training in physical Security and professional protection. Having worked for VIP clients, it is a service you may want to emphasize the vital importance of. Best wishes. Look forward to hearing more about a viable opportunity. Respectfully, John Wyne. (203) 530-4455.

  • Linda says:

    I’ve sent in my info and I am hoping someone will contact me. I am very driven and am a hard worker. I’d be very happy and honored if I was considered for a position working with your company as a housekeeper. Thanks for the opportunity and do not hesitate to call or email me.

  • Richard Antwi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am Richard. Having worked for a couple of restaurants ( as a runner, busser, and even as a dishwasher), I would be very glad if I am given the opportunity to work at your company as a housekeeper. I am confident I would not disappoint you at performing my duties. Looking forward to hearing from you. I would also like to know if there are any
    requirements for this position.
    (718) 790 1546.

  • Francisco Tapiculin says:

    I have been looking forward to visit your Office and file my intention to for job placement. Your Agency is the melting pot of excellence in service to your clientele with a special brand of staff and workers – living up to its culture of leadership and excellence. That I would be proud to be associated with and do my share.

  • edward j. tobin says:

    I received a call from a individual(female) from your agency, on Monday, July 27, regarding an opportunity as a garden/houseman, in Bridgehampton, New York The person indicated they would send me an e-mail with their name so I could forward my resume to your agency. They then stated they would call me on Tuesday 7/28 to discuss the position and my work experience. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf. Respectfully, Edward J. Tobin 631-316-2726

  • Justine says:

    The Demand for the Live-In Housekeeper Gets HOTTER!!

    Live-In Housekeepers are the hottest thing in NYC right now! We are seeing a huge uptick in the demand for live-in domestic workers, especially full-time Live-In Housekeepers. There are a lot of housekeepers that want and need to live-in and then there are those that are not so flexible. Most complain about having no social life or being taken advantage of. Like every job there is always a downside and an upside. Depending on the family you worked for, those complaints may never be an issue. Now, housekeepers that live-in find it beneficial for the simple fact they can save a lot of money. Think about it, you have no rent to pay and you still get paid! They also like the comfort. For some, they have their own apartment or have their own room and bathroom. Most times, these accommodations are really nice. Another plus is that they may get to travel with the family and see some amazing places. Oh! Let’s not forget about having the best commute possible!

    Live-in housekeeping jobs differ in many ways. The salary ranges are varied from excellent to “they could do better”. Some families are wonderful and some are hard to deal with, but these are common factors in the domestic world. There is one thing certain right now in NYC, the over-all demand for a live-in housekeeper is here with a bang and it’s becoming more urgent every day. So, if you are flexible with living-in, can follow a cookbook, and posses excellent housekeeping skills, you are in high demand!! That should make you feel pretty darn good!!

  • Julio says:

    Hi I’m wonder if you know any one that needs a snuggle buddy or if your gonna have that kind of job in the near future or soon females only of course

  • Dani Frahm says:



  • Jill Snider says:

    Coming out of a corporate job I met the beautiful Denise B from Greenhouse who placed me as a PA. The job did not work out, but I have had a continued relationship with Greenhouse throughout the years. Wonderful people at Greenhouse!

  • Justine says:

    Hey Greenhouse!!!

  • Marlen says:

    Leticia Urgeliz was amazing. She was helpful and very professional. I found my new job because of her.
    I would recommend it to anyone. She is the best. Thank you Leticia 😀

  • Kaila Hsu says:

    I have had only the utmost positive experiences with the Green House Agency. My current position, along with my previous two were successfully found with the help of the amazing team at Green House. They took the time to get to know me, along with my skills and strengths, and in turn swiftly paired me with lovely families. The Green House Agency is passionate about making the right matches between employers and employees; ensuring that your tenure is fruitful and enduring. I would not have been able to progress as I have in my career had it not been for Green House. One employee in particular, Yulia Zolotova was especially supportive in my job search, her expeditious nature led to little down time between positions. I highly recommend the Green House Agency to anyone looking to find their next position – they truly care about you!

  • Natalya says:

    I want to be a nanny/baby nurse. I’ve baby sat since i was 12, also worked in a daycare center. I love children especially new borns, infants and toodlers. I don’t have any nanny experience and i know i want to make this a career. How would I go by becoming an exceptional nanny and getting training.Thanks in advance.

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