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2015 Job Seekers Guide (PART 2 OF A SERIES)


Resumes are what get job seekers called into our agency. Everyone should have one! It is what our clients review before deciding to give you an interview. Take your time with it and make sure you go into detail about your strengths and skill-set. There are many different ways to create a resume, this is our version. Select what is good for you and shows your essence.  (Remember to always have copies of your resume. Do not automatically think because an email was sent it is okay to not show up with one).

COVER LETTER: When people come into our office, they don’t normally have a cover letter. It’s not mandatory. However, when we get a resume sent via email, we DO like to see something instead of a blank email with a resume attached. A simple introduction of yourself and what it is you are applying for should be embedded in your email. If there is something about you that is special or that makes you stand out from the rest, you should put that in the cover letter as well. Remember this is to our agency not to a client so you should be specific to us.

EX: Dear Glenn,

    I am writing in regards to the Full-Time Live-In Nanny/Housekeeper position in NYC found on LinkedIn. As a Nanny and Housekeeper with over 7 years experience I can assure you that my qualifications will meet all of your needs. Having worked for several high profile clients and very formal homes I am accustomed to the needs of the client and will go above and beyond to maintain top quality service.

RESUME: This is an example of a Domestic / Household Employee resume. It is designed to guide you through creating a resume that you can present to our agency and in turn something we can send to employers. These are just key components found on a typical resume. You should not copy it word for word. Make it your own. Use words that describe YOU and job details of what YOU actually did. This will allow you to expand verbally when interviewing. There are many different formats you can use and this is just an example of how we set up our resumes.


FONT: Choose a font that is legible. Standard fonts are Arial and Times New Roman. Avoid making EVERYTHING in Bold and Italic. Other fonts tend to make it harder to read. You want our clients to be able to read quickly and easily.

PAGES: Keep in mind, resumes should be just one page. Do your best. However, if you have two pages with great information we will not send you to “more-than-one-page detention”.

HEADER: Your header should include just your name and contact information.


Be honest here about what you really want. If you are a Nanny/Housekeeper that only wants to be a Nanny, then this is what you should say and what your resume should reflect.
Make it very simple.

EX: Seeking a position as a Nanny/Housekeeper that will allow me to utilize my skills, experience, and expertise while providing outstanding service.


Clients like to know a little bit about your background. These are just some things you can notate.
Driving and having a valid passport is a huge plus. (Swimming for a Nanny is also great).

EX: 8 years of experience as a Nanny/Housekeeper. Born in France. U.S. Permanent Resident. Fluent English, Russian & French. Valid Driver’s License & Passport. Experience with twins and special needs children. Excellent swimmer. Extensive knowledge operating cleaning equipment and proper use of cleaning products. Skilled in using natural products. Knowledge of Kosher kitchen.


This is for people that went to college and received a degree or have certifications and other licenses pertaining to the job. Make sure you have copies of any certifications.

EX:      Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Ed.                Hunter College – New York / NY

First Aid / CPR Certified / Infant CPR


Only include relevant experience unless you have major gaps in your work history. It is important our clients see a steady work history. The first things our clients notice are the following:

Dates you worked:      You should list the month and year you started and ended with the family.   

Employers Name:       We like this in CAPS. Our clients look at this first!

Employers Address:   Our clients also deem this to be of utmost importance.  

Dates you worked       Employers Name                                 Employers Address

4/2009 – 10/2014        MRS. JANE DOE                              1234 Park Avenue and East Hampton

Title of Job: Live-In Nanny/Housekeeper

  • Responsible for the daily needs of twins. Ages 4 yrs old when I started
  • Supervised in a safe environment. Supported R.I.E. parenting method
  • Arranged play-dates. Accompanied to park, appointments and other activities
  • Read and played age appropriate games
  • Drop offs and pickups from school
  • Assisted with homework
  • Maintained communication with parents through detailed notebook
  • Performed routine cleaning tasks and deep cleaning
  • Laundry/Ironing- Hand washed and steamed
  • Planned and prepared healthy meals

2006 – 2009                 MR. & MRS. JOHN DOE                 78 Newton Lane / Long Beach, NY

Full-Time Nanny/Housekeeper

Below is a different style to format instead of the bullets. You could use this if you have several references to take up less space.

Cared for infant boy • Took care of bottle preparation, feeding, bathing, dressing, and diaper changes • Sang songs, read books, and took daily walks • Dusted, polished, and maintained care of fine art, antiques, and silver • Swept, mopped, vacuumed floors • Made beds and organized closets, drawers, and cabinets • Sanitized bathrooms • Took care of all cooking in kosher kitchen • Walked, fed, and groomed household dog.


This should go into a short description of the type of person you are and any extra skills you want to add. Summarize yourself and let them see your personality.

EX: Honest, flexible, reliable, and energetic are just a few of my attributes that I hold dear. I enjoy working with children and want parents to feel safe and secure with me in their home taking care of their most prized possessions. I love creating crafts, singing songs, and going to the park. In my spare time I enjoy baking cake pops and yoga. As a strong believer in having an old-fashioned work ethic I look forward to being apart of a wonderful family.

By: Justine Hall

* * *
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