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Our sincere heartfelt sorrow goes out to the family who’s nanny aparently committed the “most” horrendous & tragic of acts

In Nanny Staffing business for 36 years.  Seen it all when it comes to references, credentials, academic history & background.  Cannot believe how some people stick to their “made up or phony presentation,” when trying to get a job.  Even when the truth is exposed and put in front of their faces.  Always better to be safe than sorry.  Listen to your instincts.  Pay attention to the smallest of “red flags.”  Don’t only check the “reference” of a nanny….. check references/verify the “reference” itself. Be smart.  Have a potential Candidate interviewed by a Doctor or similar professional.  Please be very [ Read the rest…]

Response to an Employer who’s recent hire, decided she did not want to return……… Feelings, Thoughts, Comments?
  Your Initial Interview

You could have had xxxxxx back, at least for the next couple of weeks. With kind words and comments expressing her value and your appreciation. Instead, you attacked and threatened. Weather by innuendo or actual verbiage. You acted in a similar way with me. I’m trying to advise, not criticize. I hope you realize this. Domestic/Household Staff is an employee group, unique and unlike any other. Their “pride & self-esteem,” is all they have. In most cases, they’ve came to the US with little else….except for a suitcase, the clothes on their backs and maybe a relative or friend’s room, [ Read the rest…]

Your Initial Interview
  Your Initial Interview

Your Initial Interview at Greenhouse As the person who sits here at the front desk, greeting new applicants, I see many different people walk through this door. Some are dressed to the nines, with a professional resume, a leather briefcase and a whole package of reference letters and certificates. Others arrive with less preparation, but great attitudes, confidence and the ability to tell our Placement Specialists about their qualifications. Many of these folks leave with an interview, or two, set up, or in the works. Unfortunately, there are many people, who arrive here unprepared in one way, or another; these [ Read the rest…]

Detailed Job Responsibilities vs. General Job Responsibilities???????
  Job Responsibilities

In a house, the boss, when  going over “responsibilities” with a new/prospective  employee, may say: “you’re going to do cleaning, laundry & cooking.  Also, help with the kids when necessary and oh! our linens and bedding are changed twice a week…..I almost forgot, my husband’s shirts  are done at home. He can’t stand the way the ‘cleaner’s’ do his shirts & they come back with buttons missing all the time.”  This is not a good practice. Try to be as specific as possible.  You can begin with tasks starting in the morning. IE: “first thing you’ll do is empty the [ Read the rest…]

How Do You Find this Industry, With All That’s Going On In The Economy
  How Do You Find this Industry, With All That

Every one in the US knows we’re going through difficult, tough & unique times.  If your “seeking” Household/Domestic Staff; how do you find the market, compared to a few years back?  Do you come across better qualified candidates? Are candidates more flexible? Are salary requests higher, lower  or about the same? What’s the most obvious difference you’ve noticed? If your a “Personal Service, Career Proffesional,” what have you noticed? More jobs available? Are the jobs requiring more responsibilities?  Do you notice  a change in salaries being offered? We see as an Agency; the demand for “qualified, trained staff”  is still [ Read the rest…]

Reference should somehow be checked too!
  Job reference

We come across so many, “seemingly” amazing Candidates. They’re talented, bright & skilled. They list an excellent work history, with all contact info for their references. We call the references, have a 10 to 15 minute conversation and come away thinking the Candidate IS as good as they seem. We’ll find a nice job for them, a well paying job that seems to be a nice “fit” for both Employer & Employee. A week goes by….the jury is still out. The second week..boom, the sh_t hits the fan. The new Employee proves to be not what we thought them to [ Read the rest…]

How was your Christmas bonus this year?
  Christmas bonus

Well, if you’re searching for a job right now, you may have been disappointed.  This is not the only reason, there are job seekers at this time, but some will be surprised how the expectations of a Domestic/Household Staffer not being met, can result in many openings in the market.  On the other hand, true professionals are not that “mercenary.”  Also, the career & seasoned Personal Service Employee will take many things into consideration, before entering the job market and leaving their current job.  I’ve found over the years, the Holiday Bonus, in reality is not the cause of a [ Read the rest…]

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