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Why Use an Agency? – Greenhouse Agency Blog
  Why Use An Agency? – Greenhouse Agency Blog

Even though the internet is a great resource for so many different things, do you ever feel it’s a little impersonal and that people could easily lie when they are online? In most cases, the small lies would not be important, but when a person is trying to hire someone who is going to live in their home and take care of their children, those lies could be a tremendous problem. Background checks and references could only go so far since a background check only shows if the person is a criminal and a reference can easily be faked by [ Read the rest…]

Passion Is Just the First Step
  Passion Is Just the First Step

Not everyone’s passion is to be a doctor or a lawyer. Some people’s passion is being the best nanny a family could ask for. Some love being able to keep a home spotless and organized. There are those that enjoy cooking wonderful meals for a family. Passion has many colors for different people. Have you thought what your passion is? Have you taken steps to make that passion a daily thing you perform? I meet many people that love working with children as a nanny. Although they love being around the children, they have not taken the extra steps that [ Read the rest…]

If only Employers of “Personal Service Staff” would be clear about their expectations and the job…..what a wonderful world it would be????
  If only Employers of “Personal Service Staff” would

I’ve found the majority of my clients have learned ways of making tons of money, but along with this comes the “Frankenstein”…… the 15,000 + sq ft house or apartment, the 2nd and 3rd (many times more) properties. Boats, planes and a fleet of cars. But these are still family units, with the same basic needs of all families, compounded now with complications of all the toys mentioned above. It’s a “monster” resulting from hard work, success & choice of lifestyle. Now eight or more bathrooms need cleaning, four or more beds need to be stripped and made. Thousands of [ Read the rest…]

How to Deal With Rejection
  How to Deal With Rejection

Rejection! We have all been through it. No one escapes this sometimes painful situation. Many people take rejection and say to themselves “Hey that’s just the way it goes.” Others take it like a quick sting. They feel it and then they eventually heal. Then there are those that simply cannot deal with rejection. They become depressed or angry. Rejection varies in size. How you deal with it tells a lot about your spirit. Personally, I know a lot about rejection. My passion is acting. I’ve been going out on auditions for years now. Do I make them all? No. [ Read the rest…]

Country Star Sings to His 93yr Old Nanny
  Country Star Sings to His 93yr Old Nanny

Often times we hear all the stories about how clients treat their household staffing horribly. Its nice to know that some people care and realize how important their domestic caretakers are. Treat them kindly. Kris Kristofferson sang his classic “Why Me” for a very special audience — of one — this week. The country legend was in Texas for Willie Nelson’s annual Fourth of July picnic, and also paid a visit to his former nanny: 93-year-old Juanita Cantu, who helped raise Kristofferson and his siblings in Brownsville, Texas. Read full story here.

What Alice from ‘The Brady Bunch’ would earn today
  What Alice from ‘The Brady Bunch’ would earn today

We all know the beloved show “The Brady Bunch”. At least I do and I may be dating myself here. Who did not love Alice? Ever wonder what she was getting paid? Ever wonder what she would be paid now? This article from the Market Watch gives us a clue. Now keep in mind it is from 2014, so the rate is probably slightly higher. Few American families are lucky enough to have an Alice, the live-in maid from “The Brady Bunch,” and with good reason: She’d cost a fortune. While the sitcom portrayed an all-American family at the tail [ Read the rest…]

What Do Employers Really Want?
  Performability - What do employers want

What do employers really want? I’ll call it “performability.” It’s a bit difficult to pin down, yet easy to spot in the people around you. I’m defining it this way. Performability is the ability to get the job done no matter what, without causing any stress, confusion, communication problems, or conflict. The person who has it doesn’t rock the boat, and works with others in a way that creates a healthy work environment. Performability always trumps likability. It means this is someone who can be trusted, who won’t complain, and who knows how to streamline. It’s important because it’s all [ Read the rest…]

Handling Negative Reviews
  Handling Negative Reviews

If you have a business that deals with the public there is a great possibility that one day you will get a bad review. YIKES! It happens. You cannot please everyone. How do you handle them? Do you address every single one? Researching, I found that there are some companies that totally ignore any bad review they receive and some answer every single one. As a small company, we have the ability to answer any we receive when time permits. The easy ones are when it was totally our fault. When this happens, we can clearly address the issue; take [ Read the rest…]

Having Tough Skin as a Domestic Professional
  Having Tough Skin as a Domestic Professional

Tough Skin. What is that exactly? Well, the dictionary says it means “not easily offended”. Sometimes, people call us to say they are looking for someone that has “tough skin”. Or a candidate will say they have “tough skin”. I often wonder how much someone that says they have tough skin can take before it becomes totally disrespectful, demeaning and ill-mannered. To me, tough skin could mean someone being able to take someone snapping at them or criticizing their work in a blunt manner. It could also mean that every now and then they can take someone screaming at them [ Read the rest…]

24 Things Every Nanny Knows To Be True – So Funny!
  24 Things Every Nanny Knows

Every nanny and childcare provider has experienced similar funny situations with children. It could be anything from watching them make funny faces while sleeping, hearing them say really funny things, watching them with their pets, etc. Children are truly honest, loving, and funny. This “24 Things Every Nanny Knows To Be True” is so funny because it captures some moments that we all can relate to. We hope that upon viewing, you will share some of your funny and favorite moments with your kids!! We are sharing this laughter with all our Nannies and anyone that deals with kids! Please [ Read the rest…]

” Nanny Factor In Hollywood Marriages ” – Glenn’s Take on the New York Times Article
  Nanny Factor In Hollywood Marriages

Employers have been fooling around with their Domestic Workers for centuries. Yes, centuries ago, the workers were barely clothed and fed. Hardly different from the life of a “slave” at the time. Now the same work is done but valued and paid for. In many cases the salary and compensation are to be envied. So the Boss is starting to look at their Domestic Staff in a “wayward way.” Any different than in the Corporate Suites throughout America. There are those with influence and perceived power who are also “wanderers,” as far as fidelity goes. Some might say it’s pervasive [ Read the rest…]

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