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How ’24 Hours’ Looks like For a Super Rich Family’s Concierge

A 10,000 square-foot home doesn’t take care of itself, and many of the uber wealthy families who own them don’t want to tend to them either. So they hire people like Bryan Peele to make their homes run like five-star hotels. As an estate manager, he takes care of everything from overseeing landscapers and chefs, to making dinner and travel reservations, to planning lavish events and training the staff how to properly fold napkins for a dinner party. Peele, 44, currently works in the home of a Los Angeles family who made their fortune in finance. And as president of [ Read the rest…]

The Dog Came Out Of Nowhere… and the Candidate Ran From The Interview!!!

All was going as good as could be. Julie was being interviewed by Mr. & Mrs. French. The three were chatting for about 45 minutes. Mom & Dad even brought their cute 4 year old to meet and talk to Julie. All were very relaxed, with Julie going over her past experience and answering all questions asked. Mr. & Mrs. French had already begun to think about a start date. They liked Julie. They can tell she knew her job, was sincere and liked the questions she had asked. All was going as good as could be. Julie was being [ Read the rest…]

The Mariah Carey Interview
  2015 job seekers guide

Can’t say I know all the details but I do know a job is a job. Which means you follow your boss’s instructions. If avoiding a “motherly nurturing relationship” is the wish of the Mom who’s most probably paying a generous salary?……So be it. I’m in the Domestic/Household Staffing Biz for 30+ years. I’ve seen it all. From what has become apparent, a Nanny working for Mariah Carey must always be sure to constantly remind her/his charges: “Mommy Loves You and will be home very soon.” “I am not your Mommy I work for your family and my job is [ Read the rest…]


Hoping, you are enjoying the Holiday Season & wish you only the very best!We extend with heartfelt sincerity, for you to have a Healthy, Happy & Fun New Year. As we enter the New Year, we at Greenhouse Agency are excited about the year ahead and are thrilled to have been able to help 400+…… This includes the hundreds of Job Seekers who are now happily employed and the hundreds of families/households whose positions we successfully filled! With optimism, we are sure the “New Year” brings you & your family “peace and happiness.”May the “best of 2013, be the worst [ Read the rest…]

A Holiday Message From Greenhouse Agency!
  Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving | Greenhouse Staffing Agency

Fall is gone and Winter is here….. and of Course we are all now in the Holiday Season. Greenhouse Agency would like to wish all a Happy, Fun & Grateful “Thanksgiving Celebration.” Our Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank you for calling on us this past year, to assist with you Domestic/Household Staffing Needs or your Search For That Perfect Job! Please Remember we are always available to help with any type of “Staff” you could find yourself needing throughout this time of year! Should you be a Job-Seeker or thinking of making a change, please reach [ Read the rest…]

Have you registered for the 2nd Annual DEMA Convention
  We ask all to pray for Denise Behnke!

We are very excited to be just a little over a month away from our second annual DEMA Convention. A convention which has been established to help provide education from industry leaders and establish a platform for Private Service Professionals to network with others from their industry. More importantly the convention provides a platform to celebrate a great industry built around the extraordinary people that serve in it! So the only question is why haven’t you registered yet to be part of the largest assembly of Private Service Professionals in the world? If you attended last year share your thoughts [ Read the rest…]

We ask all to pray for Denise Behnke!
  We ask all to pray for Denise Behnke!

She had fallen seriously ill this morning. She is now in Bellevue Hospital, were Dr’s are doing there best. Please, please say a prayer for Denise to make a full recovery. She is loved by so many and we all….with asking God’s help, can make a difference! Thanks to all, Glenn


Two deaths yesterday, have me feeling very sad: Vince Flynn, an amazing writer, whose books I have been enjoying for years. Also James Gandolfini, who I find difficult to separate from his Tony Soprano character. Gandolfini’s, Tony Soprano gave me years of pleasurable TV viewing. Both “Men” were taken from us at to young an age. As a loyal reader of my favorite writers and follower of my most loved Actors (and their Characters), I was hit with a “one two punch” yesterday. Flynn had become my “absolute” must read Novelist. This was after 35 years of reading. Starting with [ Read the rest…]

Short Term / Temporary Staff — Summer is Right Around the Corner!!!!!
  Job Responsibilities

For many Employer’s of Household/Domestic Staff, this is the time of year when additional workers are needed.   Though not needing a permanent employee, the same quality & skill-set is essential. References, background and personality component must still be of the level of a “long term” candidate being considered.  The best way to be assured of having expectations met…… is to be up front, in the beginning, about the “temporary nature” of the job. We have seen many family’s indicate they are hiring for a permanent position.  A new member of the “team” comes on board.  In all work environments, [ Read the rest…]

Greenhouse Cares About All Those Affected By The “Storm”

To All: Here at Greenhouse Agency we feel your pain and know how hard the storm hit us, but as the lights turn on and people get their lives back in order, we are here to help. With a pause in our schedule due to the Manhattan power outage, causing our building to close during this past week; Greenhouse Agency now has a huge “candidate pool” of excellent/eager “job-seekers,” whose references have been called, have been vetted, and are able to start immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are an experienced Housekeeper, Nanny, or Domestic Couple looking for work………..we are ready to find [ Read the rest…]

Our sincere heartfelt sorrow goes out to the family who’s nanny aparently committed the “most” horrendous & tragic of acts

In Nanny Staffing business for 36 years.  Seen it all when it comes to references, credentials, academic history & background.  Cannot believe how some people stick to their “made up or phony presentation,” when trying to get a job.  Even when the truth is exposed and put in front of their faces.  Always better to be safe than sorry.  Listen to your instincts.  Pay attention to the smallest of “red flags.”  Don’t only check the “reference” of a nanny….. check references/verify the “reference” itself. Be smart.  Have a potential Candidate interviewed by a Doctor or similar professional.  Please be very [ Read the rest…]

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