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Technology will get the better of you!
  Phone Outage

It’s early evening already and it’s been a hectic couple of days.  You want to send one last e-mail before finishing up. You start typing in the name of the recipient and the auto feature kicks in. You quickly write your short message and hit send. A few minutes later as your ready to leave for the day, you notice a new e-mail. It’s a response to the e-mail you just sent and it’s “curt” and almost rude.  You may think to your self; what kind of games are these people playing now, as the e-mail you had sent may [ Read the rest…]

Phone Outage
  Phone Outage

I want to thank all our loyal clientele who has bared with us during the unforeseen & unexpectable phone outage we’ve been dealing with since July 31st.  At first, Verizon assured us complete restoral of service by August 6 or 7. From the first day, we knew we were facing a major crisis as our business is conducted and depends tremendously on phone service. It was very sad to find out, one of the world’s largest and most technologically advance telecommunications companies could only offer call forwarding of one (of our seven voice) lines or a voice mail message.  Providing [ Read the rest…]

Whitney Houston
  Whitney Houston

Nothing but admiration for the lady….and she was a Lady. Feeling sad, very sad. She always stood by her man, worked hard giving my generation hit after hit to remember. Great actress…­will never forget her in the arms of Kevin Costner, while he kicks his way out of the theater. I’m truly “angry.” I’ll miss Miss Whitney Houston. My most heartfelt “condolenc­es” go out to her family. I know she’s happy & at peace. Whatever speeding, nightmaris­h & unstoppabl­e “express train” (I believe she was on, the last 10 or so years) she probably tried her hardest to “stop” and [ Read the rest…]

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