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Fun & Cute Snowman Ornaments For Crafty Kids

Greenhouse Agency cares for all of our domestic and household staffing employees and our clients. We continually look for ways to enhance our knowledge and share what we learn and know with you. Whether you are a Nanny, Housekeeper, Chauffeur, Estate Manager, Butler, Houseman, Chef, Companion, Elderly Caregiver, or a Client the information we share as a domestic unit will be useful for all of us and can be incorporated into our careers. What joy it is to GROW!

This Cute Snowman Ornaments is great idea for all our Nannies and childcare providers. It is so easy and fun and we absolutely love it. We know that your children will be delighted to add this to their tree or wrap it up as a gift for someone. Quick, inexpensive, cute, and fun! That’s a winner! Send us your photos.

Items Needed: All supplies can be found online at Amazon or Michaels Craft store.

Shiny glass ornaments
Multi colored felt with sticky backing
White, Black, and Orange craft paint
Small paint brush

1. Go for the larger shiny ornaments you can find at Kmart or Target. Blue, Red or Green preferably.

Cute Snowman Ornaments

2. Apply white craft paint on the palm of one of the child’s hands- now place ornament in the child’s painted hand.

Cute Snowman Ornaments

3. Have the child gently cup fingers around the ornament holding it in their painted Palm while you hold top of ornament so entire hand is cupping the ornament so you get all fingers and Palm print.

Cute Snowman Ornaments

4. Now you will have 5 little snowmen. Hang to dry and while drying you can cut out felt for scarves (Remember do not remove the sticky protector until scarves are cut out and ready to apply).

Cute Snowman Ornament s

5. Last but not least you can use paint brush and black paint for eyes and mouth and orange paint for carrot nose and more white paint for snowflakes. I also like to use the painted Palm on ornament to write their name and the date(year).

Cute Snowman Ornaments

Remember to keep water, soap, one wet cloth for wiping after and dry cloth for drying also a smock. I always keep another project already set up to give them afterward I used play foam and characters from frozen (playdough is also a good choice) but now you can clean up while they keep busy.

Cute Snowman Ornaments

Do you have any cute snowman ornaments ideas? Share in the comment section below. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Educator for over 20 years working at a private preschool, police department and for private family homes. She lives in upstate NY with her husband Ben and her 5 year old daughter Emma Jane.

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