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How to become a nanny with no experience!

How to become a nanny with no experience!

Here at Greenhouse Agency we receive a lot of candidates who are looking for a step up in their nanny careers. That step up can come across in many roles but it requires the right experience. There are often times some candidates are simply lacking in that “right” experience. These starter nannies often come to our office having cared for their young family members or have worked part time at day-cares/camps. While those are great stepping stones at the start of a nanny career, they’re not enough to land a job in the upper echelon of nannyhood.

So what are the steps? Just how exactly can you become a nanny with little to no experience? Well for starters get certified. While there really is no universally recognized program to go through to become an official nanny, there are plenty of certification courses you can take to boost your nanny credentials. Examples of such certifications are CPR, First Aid, and Water Safety. The first two are extremely important because most families won’t even consider hiring you without those, while water safety can be very beneficial for those families that enjoy water activities such as swimming in their pool or going to the beach. Besides earning these certificates you can enroll in courses that are finer tuned to childcare. There are courses approved by the NCSA to become newborn care specialists as well as nanny schools that provide training classes to further your childcare skills. These courses are available across the country at different rates, for more information on available courses visit our partners at the INA (international Nanny Association) for a full list of certificate programs you can enroll in.

Now for those of you entering or already in college it’s key to remember that these courses aren’t fully mandated to become a nanny. You don’t have to take time away from your studies to pursue your nanny goals; in fact certain studies will accelerate your path to that dream nanny job. There are plenty of college curriculums out there that while are not “Nanny” defined, stand out to those looking to employ for childcare. Curriculums such as early childhood education, science, arts, & even psychology will catch the interest of childcare employers. When you wonder how to become a nanny for a rich family, most often these families look for college educated nannies that can use their education for the betterment of the children. How to become a nanny in college just comes down to what curriculum you base your studies on and finding the right part time work to go with it. It’s easy to find part time nanny work for college students as there are plenty of families out there looking to tap into your potential.

So if you find yourself wondering how to become a nanny with no experience, look for your stepping stones! If you have a small sample size of childcare experience, great! If you don’t then do the best you can to find starter level experience, whether it be caring for your young relatives or working in places like day-cares, camps, or after-school programs. Nannyhood is a tremendous career and full of incredible growth. There are many different paths you can take, all of them will require patience and consistency, but all of them can lead you to a fulfilling nanny career. The most important thing to remember is you have to enjoy working with children; it’s a huge responsibility but in it lays the potential to shape the people of tomorrow for the betterment of all.

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