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Passion Is Just the First Step

Not everyone’s passion is to be a doctor or a lawyer. Some people’s passion is being the best nanny a family could ask for. Some love being able to keep a home spotless and organized. There are those that enjoy cooking wonderful meals for a family. Passion has many colors for different people. Have you thought what your passion is? Have you taken steps to make that passion a daily thing you perform?

I meet many people that love working with children as a nanny. Although they love being around the children, they have not taken the extra steps that make you a better nanny. Yes, you’re compassionate, love the company of children, and your patient. You are a great listener, reliable, and punctual. These are great things and are half the battle.

However, what about other attributes that makes a family even more secure. Can you swim? Families love a nanny that can swim so that when going on vacation you can supervise accordingly. Are you CPR/First Aid certified? What if something were to happen and required immediate first aid or CPR, could you jump in patiently and assist? Can you drive? Are you able to drop or pick the children up from school or activities? Are you able to assist with homework? Do you have the basic understanding of child development? Have you taken at least a beginner’s class in childhood education? Are you willing to do some housekeeping and cooking? If the children are asleep or in school, what are you doing on your free time? All these things are high on a family’s additional prerequisites.

I could go on and on, there are many things that make a great nanny. Just as there are other things that make a great housekeeper besides being meticulous, like having knowledge of how to care for antiques and fine art or with a chef, knowing how to cook healthy meals or other dietary menus. Whatever it is, do your research and start learning the other parts of that passion. If you want it, then go get it not just half way, but all the way. So, we hope most of you are in a job you are passionate about, which would mean your passion is satisfied daily 🙂

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Glenn Greenhouse
Glenn began in the “family business” more than 30 years ago, by coming to work for his Father, Martin Greenhouse. He often recounts how nervous he was, when at 19 years old his Father forced him to pick up the phone and speak with David Suskind. This was to be the first of dozens of phone calls and meetings to come for Glenn……with Celebrity Clientele. Glenn considers himself very fortunate to have spent his life working at a job he truly loves and as he puts it: “earn a comfortable living at the same time.”
Glenn Greenhouse

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