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2015 Job Seekers Guide-Interview-House Manager-PA (Part 4 OF A SERIES)
  2015 Job Seekers Guide-Interview

So you have refined your CV/ resume and made it through the agency screening. The next step is successfully navigating through the interview with the House/Estate Manager/PA. As someone who has hired and trained countless Domestic Staff specializing in Estate and Household Management, Personal Assistants, Housekeepers, Chefs and Security personnel I can honestly state the top attributes I seek on behalf of any principal are not usually contained in the CV or resume. It is not the University or the degree one possesses. Although these attributes narrow the scope, it’s really if the candidate has the ability to critically think [ Read the rest…]

2015 Job Seekers Guide (PART 3 OF A SERIES)
  2015 job seekers guide

THE INTERVIEW WITH THE PLACEMENT SPECIALIST IN THIS “JOB SEEKERS GUIDE” So you have done your own research on our agency and decided that Greenhouse is the way to go for your next domestic and household opportunity. You decide that you will visit us as a walk-in. You show up dressed professionally; have all your documents, impressive resume, copy of your certificates, and you fill out our application. The next step is to meet with one of our placement specialists. You patiently wait for the specialist to call your name. You sit with confidence because you know YOU are what [ Read the rest…]

2015 Job Seekers Guide (PART 2 OF A SERIES)
  job seekers guide

COVER LETTER & RESUME IN THIS “JOB SEEKERS GUIDE” Resumes are what get job seekers called into our agency. Everyone should have one! It is what our clients review before deciding to give you an interview. Take your time with it and make sure you go into detail about your strengths and skill-set. There are many different ways to create a resume, this is our version. Select what is good for you and shows your essence.  (Remember to always have copies of your resume. Do not automatically think because an email was sent it is okay to not show up [ Read the rest…]

2015 Job Seekers Guide (PART 1 OF A SERIES)
  Job Seekers Guide pix guy running

This is part 1 of a series of “2015 Job Seekers Guide” for all Greenhouse Agency candidates and anyone reading this article. STARTING WITH THE AGENCY IN THIS “JOB SEEKERS GUIDE” I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. However, it can be a bit frustrating when I see people who do not take the initiative to do their best. This is especially important in the “job seeking process.” We can help you, however you have to want help and be willing to put in the work also. As a Household Staffing Agency, we are teammates. We [ Read the rest…]

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