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  • Yvette Vargas says:

    I want to say to my recruiter Leticia Urgilez, thank you for all the assistance you have provided me during my job search. I appreciate the information and advice you have given, as well as the connections you have shared with. Your expertise and help have been valuable during this process. Again, thank you miss Leticia so much. I did get employ with your help. Miss Leticia is a wonderful person and very professional. I want to say from bottom my heart once again Thank you for always helping me and never giving up on me in these trying time. Greenhouse-staffing Agency is a wonder AGENCY to get a job people that really care about people. Thank you, Ms. Leticia.

  • Farrah Krenek says:

    I never had the privilege of finding an agency that would provide kindness, professionalism and respect while helping me be placed with families in need of services where I could shine brightest by giving my talents. My agent Lorenz has always done more than what I could expect or hope for, by not only matching me with a wonderful family but also by making sure I was happy there. His actions are not only that of an agent but of a true gentleman. Thank you Lorenz and Greenhouse!

  • Merilu Arevalo says:

    Thank You Green house for having shall a great personal like Mrs Tsering Dolma Placement Specialist
    Thank you
    Merilu Arevalo

  • Merilu Arevalo says:

    I like to thank you specially to Ms Tsering Dolma she is a wounderful and very professional effective placement specialist she is the very best .
    Thank you so much .
    Merilu Arevalo

  • Maria Cristina Allison says:

    I would like to apply with this job offering.

  • Clay says:

    Hi I’ved been in the greenhouse for a long time. Tsering is the one who help me to find a job that match to my skills. Tsering is very nice and very helpful. Right now I am so happy with my new job. Thank you Greenhouse specially to Tsering.

  • Diana says:

    I’m new to greenhouse agency, and I would say they are the best. They are professional in dealing with their applicants.
    And shoutout to my counselor Ms. Leticia, for helping me to get a job real quick! Thank you so much!
    You interviewed me and you knew it right away that I was nervous but you made me feel comfortable!
    Thank you!

  • James Hines says:

    Hi my name is James Hines I had the great pleasure of meeting Denise today my counselor for a greenhouse. Even though I had reservations about a domestic agency to find my employment I have decided that this might be the ideal situation for me. I thought Denise was quite knowledgeable about the domestic industry and she was very kind and polite to me which speaks volumes. Lorenzo was absolutely excellent as well looking forward to a great future with Greenhouse agency all the best James Hines

  • Justine says:

    Great info Jim and welcome to the site!!!!!! That line is pretty blurry. I think when we hear “like one of the family” we get really comfortable. Making decisions and acting as if we are truly part of the household. We tend to see employers start looking for other employee’s at this point saying they “got to comfortable”. Natalya!!!!! I would say start going on looking for a family where you can get experience or go to an agency where you would pay a fee. Once you get at least 3yrs exp (especially as a live-in). You will be ready to tackle this Nanny biz!!

  • Jim says:

    Hi everyone! I’m new to this website, but not new to the domestic staffing world. I have been a private chef for a family for 25 years. In this business you definitely get to know your employer and vice versa. You will undoubtedly get to feel, and be told that you are like “one of the family”. Please, don’t ever cross that line! Lines can become blurred easily. Always remember that you are an employee. If you keep that in the back of your mind you will end up having a wonderful relationship with your employer. 🙂

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