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Last Minute Gifting for Your Nanny Family!

Greenhouse Agency doesn’t want our Nannies to be under gift-giving stress!!! So, we reached out to top Nanny Helen Adeosun for some excellent ideas of what our Nannies could get their employers!

Christmas is now less than 10 days away and there’s so much to do. When it comes down to it, most nannies will find that their employers seem to have everything! What gift should a nanny get her employer that is meaningful but won’t mean you break the bank account? In this article, I’ll show you some last minute gifting ideas you can use.

As a nanny myself, I know that it can be tough especially if you’re not particularly crafty or don’t have the time to put something together. When it comes to gift giving, rely on some of your best assets as a nanny: your creativity and resourcefulness. Here are my suggestions for smart gift giving to your nanny family that won’t break the bank. First, I’ll start with some tips about the things that you may have that you can use, and then follow up with some unique and personal gifts that you can purchase for your nanny family. To “pull off” your last minute gifting, here are a few places to start:

Be Resourceful:

  • Remember the pictures that you took throughout the year of the little ones? You may have texted a couple to mom and dad. Gather those pictures and upload them to dropbox. You can use them for a couple of the last minute gifting ideas in the next section.

  • Old shoes and keepsakes. After working with your nanny family for a couple years you may have old shoes, hats, and small keepsakes from the children in your care. If these are in a junk pile these all have amazing gifting potential.
  • All of those crafts! You may not craft but you no doubt have a ton of crafts and things that you’ve created, painted, stenciled, molded with your nanny kids. Grab those too!

Great Last Minute Gifting Ideas:
Now here are some sure fire gift ideas based on some of the things that I mentioned above.

Pictures of your nanny kids:
If you’re crafty: I am a huge fan of memory jars! Most of your nanny pictures are of special events. You can make them come alive by adding pictures and great mementos from the day into a decorated jar and help mom and dad feel part of the special day.

Last Minute GiftingMemory Jars are great last minute gifting solution. Image Source: Pinterest.

Not so crafty: I am a huge fan of making gifts for families practical! Take your best picture and turn them into this fun matching games filled with your nanny kids pictures. Your employers will have fun creating new memories with old ones.

Have old kids shoes?
If you’re crafty: Shadow boxes are a great way to share old mementos that remind your employer about their child’s growth and become a fun keepsake. Here are Creative Things To Do With Old Baby Shoes. This is an excellent crafty last minute gifting for your nanny family.

Not so crafty: You can always try out this great idea inspired by Nanny Lindsay Ayers! The American Bronzing company will take baby shoes and keepsakes and bronze or make into porcelain as a beautiful gift. Just send them an old pair! It will be a gift your employers will never forget. (As of now the guaranteed delivery date for these have passed but start planning for next year)

The gift of organization
You’ve been working all year with the children in your care and at the very end of the year, all of those leaf projects, drawings, and more add up! Take this time to give your gift for organizing as a gift.

If you’re crafty: As a former teacher I am a huge fan of making organization fit in the room and I love creating organizer seats or crates. These actually don’t take as long and I am a huge fan of this crate project from the Ginger Snaps Treats for Teachers website. Here is a great resource on How to Make a Crate Seat should you want to try this last minute gifting idea.

Not so crafty: Nanny Britney Fredrickson blog post suggests that you can always give the gift of your time for the Holidays! On certificate paper or some thick bond paper- use Powerpoint to create a gift certificate (a coupon is fine, but again you’re gifting your time) for several hours for parents date night. Here’s a great place to create a template.

As always, you can create many of these crafts with your nanny kids or always go with the retail plan! I hope this last minute gifting ideas will be helpful to you. Happy Holidays and whichever option you go with rest easy and know that your employers will know it’s straight from the heart.

Do you have any last minute gifting idea for your Nanny Family?
Pleases share with us in the comment section below.

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Helen Adeosun, EdM
Helen is the CEO and Founder of and holds a B. A. from the University of Notre Dame and an EdM. from Harvard. Care Academy was born out of her own experience as a Nanny and she hopes that it is a place to continuously learn and share with current and future nannies.
Helen Adeosun, EdM

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