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Even though the internet is a great resource for so many different things, ever feel that it is a little impersonal and that people could easily lie when they are online? In most cases the small lies would not be important, but when a person is trying to hire someone who is going to live in their home and take care of their children those lies could be a tremendous problem. Background checks and references could only go so far since a background check only shows if the person is a criminal and a reference could easily be faked by a friend with a cell phone who is a good liar, but is there a better way to find a nanny through the mountains of information that the internet provides? Ever wish that you would have an ally that is the first line of defense in helping you find the perfect experienced nanny that would be great for your children? In a world full of false information and lies Greenhouse Agency is here to help.

Greenhouse Agency has been in business for over 38 years and our main goal is to sift through thousands of candidates, interview them, call their references, and do a background check way before they even step foot into your house. Once we interview the candidates, and check their references we send them over to you and if your love them then great, but if they don’t work for you we won’t stop looking. Even after you choose the nanny that you believe fits we still work closely with you for the next three months to make sure there absolutely no problem with them and if there is a problem then we will replace them at no extra charge for you.

Even though it could be a stressful time bringing a total stranger into your house and trusting them with your children you could breathe a sigh of relief because here at Greenhouse Agency we will make sure that any doubt is gone before you hire them. We are a matchmaking service for domestic help and clients because we don’t only match experience and qualifications, but we try our hardest to match personalities too in order to make sure both the employer and employee can work together and thrive with your children. Greenhouse Agency has enjoyed an amazing reputation because our core belief is that you deserve the best possible Nanny for your children because we know how important they are to you.

If you are tired of sifting through thousands of resumes and hoping that all of their information is true and if they are safe enough to invite into your home for an interview then we are the place for you. We take out all of the guess work and our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied. If you are looking for a nanny or housekeeper then call 212-889-7505 and talk to one of our specialists today because the safety and happiness of your child is our main priority. For more information call me anytime — Ryan Gerstler

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