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Greenhouse Agcy Ltd is Ultimate leader in Personal, Domestic, and Household staffing services
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e know the most important aspect of any “Background, Criminal or Reference Checking” is the results. That the “data” received on a “subject” be accurate and “all inclusive.” We also know your time (your staff’s time also) is valuable. We’ve implemented a “seamless” process, where you simply direct the “SUBJECT” to our website. At our website the “SUBJECT” inputs basic information, clicks on the “Permission Box” & if required, uploads their resume. That’s it. Virtually nothing for you to do. Within 48 hours a complete, comprehensive “Background, Criminal or Reference Check” is e-mailed to you and or available for you to view online. We can even store the “Report” for your access at any time.

Due to the “Unique Combination Of Skilled Professionals” that make up our “Background, Criminal & Reference Checking Service,” we are able to ANALYZE each report and in many
situations, bring to your attention “RED FLAGS.”



reenhouse Agcy., Ltd. uses a third party to gather all important data for its Background Checking. Our partnership with “US Uncover,” a “Private Investigating/Background Checking” firm, started more than 15 years ago by John Misak, then a 25 year retired NYPD Detective and his wife, Carolyn. Greenhouse Agcy, Ltd. has been using US Uncover for its “gathering of data for reports” for more than 12 years. We are also able to utilize US Uncover for their invaluable Guidance & Insight. US Uncover is fully Insured for Errors & Omissions. Greenhouse Agcy., Ltd enjoys “strong relationships” with other former NYPD, Ex Military & various other Government Law Enforcement. It is with these associations and the info gathered through US Uncover, which allow us to find “red flags” that are normally missed by others.

What is a “Red Flag?” Something, anything that might not seem right, or data and info that’s conflicting. An example: The Social Security Number checking allows us to see where a person has been over a period of many years. Should the info on a person’s resume conflict geographically with where the SS Number Check shows us the person has been then…”Red Flag.”



hough sad, we live in a “must be careful world.” This is a simple fact! Today, it is essential to know as much as possible about any “employee.” This holds true especially with Domestic/Household Staff. The reasoning is obvious. Personal Service Staff, by the very nature of their job & its responsibilities are in a position with “valuables all around,” they’re given keys, credit cards & codes. Honesty is a must! Most background checking, especially checking that’s done for very reasonable fees, does not pick up everything in every state of the U.S. This is because the “Typical Background Checking” done by most firms utilizes a “Nation Wide State by State Reporting, Data Base.” This type of “checking” may only pick up “State Corrections Info” in a particular state. This means if the “subject” did not serve time in a State Corrections Facility, they will show no “Criminal History.” A person could have been convicted of Grand Larceny, a Felony, but sentenced to 10 years of Probation. This would not show up.

Being in the Household/Domestic Staffing Industry for more than 30 years, we have learned what’s what. We know what each different State reports. Few have the ability to take all relevant information on a person and be able to accurately & properly KNOW WHAT & WHERE TO CHECK. We do. Often, we’re able to avoid unnecessary checking, but confidently suggest to our Client the correct path to take. In all situations the “safety & security” of our Client and their family comes first.

Additionally, Greenhouse is unmatched in checking references. With so much experience behind us along with all of the above, we know how to “interview” a subject about their past “employment.” We then know what questions to ask of a reference and how to “judge” a reference’s responses. We also have always used our own “procedures” & “methods.” Some of these are “basic” and use “common sense,” but our way of doing Background Checking and Employment Reference Checking leads to the “truth.” After all…the purpose of Background Checking is only about the “TRUTH.”


Greenhouse Agcy Ltd is Ultimate leader in Personal, Domestic, and Household staffing services


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