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he relationship between “employer” & “employee” is most unique in the Private Sector – Personal Service Industry. This is the rarest of situations, where an employee’s responsibilities require they be a part of their boss’s everyday private lives. This “connection” in most cases inevitably leads to the employee’s personal life being opened up to their employer. It’s virtually impossible for the traditional “boss/worker” relationship we see in the corporate/business world to be remotely similar in a residential/family setting.

Of course there is always a line drawn and boundaries set, as in all work environments. Never the less, the environment itself tends to create this “one of a kind” rapport.

Because of this exceptional link between “employer” & “employee,” we ask for Comments, Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions, Experiences & Stories. Please take a moment to submit an item of interest, related to Household/Domestic Staff or previous work stories. The funnier…the better. The more informative…the more helpful for all.


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Greenhouse Agcy Ltd - The Ultimate Leader in Personal and Domestic/Household Service Staffing Needs

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  • Professionalism, always providing feedback, never ghosting candidates is what makes an agency stand out over other agencies.
    When an Agency takes the time to respond to their candidates, that shows they really care about the candidate and that they also know in the future that candidate they helped place may also use the same agent to hire more domestic staff for their Principal(s).

    Respect is a two way street and I have been able to use the same agent to hire 9 different domestic staff for a UHNW family, Now that I also consult UHNW families I always recommend the agency/agent that has shown me professionalism.

  • Helma says:

    I wanted to express my thanks to Tsering and the the other staff members at Greenhouse for assisting me in obtaining my position a year ago and your ongoing dedication to obtain a new position currently. Tsering is caring and professional in doing her job on a consistent basis.

  • Helma says:

    I have been working with Greenhouse for about a year now. My experience has been outstanding due to the outstanding support by Tsering in my job search. She is very nice and always helpful.
    She was a major reason why I was able to secure my most recent employment and now that I need to find a new position she has already setup an interview for me with a potential new employer. Thank you Tsering for your assistance. Both you and your agency have always been there for me.

  • Edelmira says:

    I want to say thank you so very much to Tsering for being extremely patient with me, for being there and responding to all my questions and doing her best to find me the right job. She is just so nice with me, 🙏🏻 thank you!! Finding the right one it’s not always easy, but with her I can be sure I’ll have the best outcome, she makes sure both families and I will be happy and satisfied with each other. I will always recommend Greenhouse Agency to find the best jobs! Good luck everyone and may God bless us all!

  • Caroline says:

    I was well referred to Greenhouse Staffing and I am grateful for that. They seem to have access to positions not otherwise available publicly, obviously a testament to the relationships they have built up over the years. Tsering at Greenhouse Staffing is very professional, committed in placements, and who I would recommend highly.

  • Teresa P Vieira says:

    I have being working with greenhouse agency for over 30 years. Maybe in the last 6 /8 years as a property manager/personal assistant I worked more directly with Tsering. She always went out of her way to help my to find the right help for my principals. I also send to her any of my friends if they are looking for positions. Thank you Tsering and best of luck in your future placing more helpers.

  • Yvette Vargas says:

    I want to say to my recruiter Leticia Urgilez, thank you for all the assistance you have provided me during my job search. I appreciate the information and advice you have given, as well as the connections you have shared with. Your expertise and help have been valuable during this process. Again, thank you miss Leticia so much. I did get employ with your help. Miss Leticia is a wonderful person and very professional. I want to say from bottom my heart once again Thank you for always helping me and never giving up on me in these trying time. Greenhouse-staffing Agency is a wonder AGENCY to get a job people that really care about people. Thank you, Ms. Leticia.

  • Farrah Krenek says:

    I never had the privilege of finding an agency that would provide kindness, professionalism and respect while helping me be placed with families in need of services where I could shine brightest by giving my talents. My agent Lorenz has always done more than what I could expect or hope for, by not only matching me with a wonderful family but also by making sure I was happy there. His actions are not only that of an agent but of a true gentleman. Thank you Lorenz and Greenhouse!

  • Merilu Arevalo says:

    Thank You Green house for having shall a great personal like Mrs Tsering Dolma Placement Specialist
    Thank you
    Merilu Arevalo

  • Merilu Arevalo says:

    I like to thank you specially to Ms Tsering Dolma she is a wounderful and very professional effective placement specialist she is the very best .
    Thank you so much .
    Merilu Arevalo

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