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Fees & Terms

Greenhouse is proud to publish our fees & terms. We feel it’s important to be clear, about how we work. Being upfront & transparent from the beginning, avoids problems down the road.


Offering Employers a Free 3 Week Trial AND 90 Day Free Replacement/Credit Guarantee! See details below and Call us at (212) 889-7505.


Fees & Terms

  1. Our “Agency Fee” (the fee) is equal to 15% of the agreed upon, starting “gross annual salary.”  **
  2. We offer a “Three Week Free Trial Period” (the trial period).  This trial period begins on the first day our candidate works and ends 21 calendar days from that first day.
  3. We offer a “90 Day Free Replacement/Credit Guarantee” on all placements. This begins upon the completion of our Trial Period.***
  4. Our Fee is due and payable on or before the end of the Trial Period.
  5. There will be a “Temp Fee” equal to 40% of all monies paid to candidate from day one, should the candidate be kept employed beyond the Trial Period, up until 45 days from the start of the Trial Period.
  6. The Agency Fee shall be payable, due and deemed earned, should the candidate work past 45 days from the start of the Trial Period.


** Greenhouse Agcy. Ltd. may, on occasion, seek to negotiate a modified arrangement, when the “search” involves employing a Candidate with a specialized skill-set, and/or unique arrangements, circumstances, or location.


*** Parts of our terms involve a “Replacement/Credit Guarantee.”  Many may think this not important or a part of the business, neglected (avoided, little effort put into), by most Agencies. This is the contrary at Greenhouse. We take pride in honoring our guarantees and do have the “resources necessary,” to provide quality candidates for consideration, when working on replacements!!! Successfully providing a quality re-placement is one of our top priorities.  First, each “replacement comes with a new90 day guarantee.”  Additionally, we have found, this policy/practice to be one of the best ways to retain good “client relations,” “receive referrals” and continue to build the EXCELLENT REPUTATION & NAME RECOGNITION WE HAVE COME TO ENJOY, APPRECIATE & TREASURE.


Greenhouse Agcy Ltd - We are The Ultimate Leader in Personal and Domestic/Household Service Staffing Needs

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