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How to Be an Excellent Nanny – Part 2: Homework Help

We are receiving a lot of job orders from clients looking for Nannies who can also help their children with their homework. If you are a Nanny and have experience helping kids with their homework and studying, you should know that every kid is different and you must adapt to their personalities and how they absorb information. Knowing and understanding the kids in your care is a sure way to help them absorb what they’ve learned in school.   A lot of information that a child learns each day in school is based on memorization. Maybe it’s studying for a [ Read the rest…]

Watch Your Step!

We recently received an email from a client about how her Housekeeper accidentally used furniture polish on her wood floors instead of floor cleaner. The floors looked shiny and new, but the household quickly found themselves slipping and sliding all over the place. What looked like a beautiful new floor was really an invisible ice skating rink in disguise! While the family appreciated the effort their housekeeper put into her work and the results, they did not appreciate this mistake that could’ve been dangerous.   Here are ways this situation could’ve been prevented: If you are a Housekeeper and are [ Read the rest…]

How to Be an Excellent Nanny – Part 1: How Being Detail Oriented Helps Keep Children Safe

Picture this. It’s a beautiful breezy autumn day. You just picked up the kids from school and have taken them to the park for an hour or two before dinner. You sit on a bench and watch them play. One runs to the swings with her friends and the other starts playing basketball.   What if these areas in the park are in completely separate places? It’s important that you keep your eye on all of the children, of course. However, you can even go a step further and do more than just supervising them at the playground.   Get [ Read the rest…]

Happy Birthday to Glenn!

Happy Birthday to our fearless leader Glenn Greenhouse!!!! We hope your day is filled with happiness and delicious cake!

9/11, The Day We Will Never Forget
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We must never forget everyone who perished 16 years ago. We must always remember the brave men and women who selflessly risked or lost their lives to save lives. The FDNY, NYPD, and countless people on the scene are all real life heroes. Today we honor and remember all of them. To those who lost a loved one or were affected by 9/11, remember that you are not alone. You are in our thoughts, our prayers, and our hearts. We are with you.   Written by Lara Mondrus

A Handful of Nanny Tips!

Are you prepared to be a Nanny? Do you know the basic but most important rules to follow when you start taking care of children and pets? Here are some helpful must-read tips courtesy of Nanny Magazine! They are VERY USEFUL tips that’ll help make you an excellent Nanny! Written by Lara Mondrus

Happy Labor Day Weekend from The Staff at Greenhouse Agency!

Happy Labor Day! We hope your weekend is relaxing, fun, full of smiles and good food!   The summer is coming to an end and families are leaving their vacation properties and returning to the busy city. Children are going back to school and the exciting autumn holidays are on their way. Everything is up and running again and it’s the time of year we can all use some assistance.   So if you’re looking for a nanny for the kids, a private chef, housekeeper, or any other private service position…we have excellent candidates vetted and screened and ready to [ Read the rest…]

A Five Star Review from One of Our Candidates!

Daisy, one of Leticia’s candidates, gave us a positive review and we wanted to share it:   A shout out to Leticia Urgilez who untiringly and patiently looking for a right employer for me. She is always right there every stepped I made. Giving me tips on what to say during the interview and always making me informed and involved in selecting potentials employers. She is so warm and accommodating. Making me feel comfortable to discuss to her my concerns over employer. I would definitely recommend Greenhouse Staffing and Leticia as counselor to all my friends.   This review (along [ Read the rest…]

Happy Memorial Day from The Staff at Greenhouse Agency

The Staff at Greenhouse Agency wants to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day!

Episode #2 of In-House With Greenhouse!

It’s time for another episode of In-House With Greenhouse! We are extremely proud to release this episode, which features Alene Mathurin of My Nanny Circle. If you are a nanny or seeking a career in domestic childcare, we strongly recommended that you watch this episode which features a trove of valuable information to help in your career progression. Enjoy!  

Sometimes, Good Deeds Are Not Forgotten

Denise received a letter earlier this week from Martin Kusiak:

Dear Denise,

I really appreciate what you have had done for me. You probably do not remember but after having a job with the REDACTED family through my personal contact, you hired me at the REDACTED residence during the fall/winter season. It was a very valuable time which helped me get some amazing experience. Thanks to you I was able to work for the REDACTED family!

All my career started at the Greenhouse. You believed in me/gave me a chance and I am where I am.

Thank you for everything!

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