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A Relationship Between Your Employer and a Coworker?

Imagine this scenario: You’re part of a medium-sized domestic staff. It’s a great environment and everyone gets along, but recently something has come to your attention. You’ve noticed your boss (who is a loving husband and father of three) entering a seldom used guestroom, always with one particular young attractive housekeeper who happens to be your colleague. Knowing this information: How do you handle this? Should you inform anyone? Should you tell the Mrs of the house? Should you tell my coworkers? Should you bring it up to my boss himself? Should you keep your mouth shut?

Passing on Important Info From our Friends at DEMA!

The Domestic Estate Managers Association (DEMA) is having a 1-day “Disaster and Emergency Preparedness” program in Naples, FL on Saturday, May 5th and we thought some of our site visitors would be interested in attending the event. Click here for information regarding the event including location, cost, hotel rates, and more!

Some Great Tips for Formal Serving!

Serving the Table! Most upscale dinners will include 5 courses, encompassing an appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and dessert. Many formal settings practice the open hand service method, which means that a server’s arms are never to be crossed in front of a guest, and food is always served from the guest’s left side. Important Tips to Remember: Ladies are always served first. Never eat, drink, or chew gum in front of guests. Always exhibit proper posture – Do not slouch, cross your arms, or leave your hands in your pockets while on service. Press uniforms to eliminate wrinkles, creases, and [ Read the rest…]

If Only Employers Would Be Clear About Their Expectations For The Job, What a Wonderful World It Would Be!

I’ve found that the majority of my clients have found/learned ways of making tons of money, but along with this good fortune comes the “Frankenstein”: The 15,000+ square foot house or apartment, the 2nd and 3rd (& sometimes many more) properties, boats, planes, and a fleet of cars. But these are still family units, with the same basic needs of all families, compounded now with complications of all the toys mentioned above. It’s a “monster” resulting from hard work, success & choice of lifestyle.   Now eight or more bathrooms need cleaning, four or more beds need be stripped and [ Read the rest…]

Short Term / Temporary Staff – Summer is Right Around the Corner!!!!!
Job Responsibilities

For many Employer’s of Household/Domestic Staff, this is the time of year when additional workers are needed.   Though not needing a permanent employee, the same quality & skill-set is essential. References, background and personality component must still be of the level of a “long term” candidate being considered.  The best way to be assured of having expectations met…… is to be up front, in the beginning, about the “temporary nature” of the job. We have seen many family’s indicate they are hiring for a permanent position.  A new member of the “team” comes on board.  In all work environments, [ Read the rest…]

The 2017 INA (International Nanny Association) Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey!

The International Nanny Association (INA) recently sent us this comprehensive salary & benefits survey for nannies which might become a valuable resource for Nannies and their employers to reach a good middle ground in terms of salary/benefits negotiations. Click this link to be directed to the PDF which is chock full of information to help keep you informed for any future decisions! Written by Christopher Cruz

Greenhouse Agency Would Like to Wish Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving | Greenhouse Staffing Agency

Fall is gone and Winter is here…… and of Course we are all now in the Holiday Season. Greenhouse Agency would like to wish all a Happy, Fun & Grateful “Thanksgiving Celebration.” Our staff would like to take this opportunity to thank you for calling on us this past year to assist with your Domestic/Household Staffing Needs ore your Search For That Perfect Job! Please remember we are always available to help with any type of “Staff” you could fin yourself needing through this time of year! Should you be a Job-Seeker or thing of making a change, please reach [ Read the rest…]

How to Be an Excellent Nanny – Part 2: Homework Help

We are receiving a lot of job orders from clients looking for Nannies who can also help their children with their homework. If you are a Nanny and have experience helping kids with their homework and studying, you should know that every kid is different and you must adapt to their personalities and how they absorb information. Knowing and understanding the kids in your care is a sure way to help them absorb what they’ve learned in school.   A lot of information that a child learns each day in school is based on memorization. Maybe it’s studying for a [ Read the rest…]

Watch Your Step!

We recently received an email from a client about how her Housekeeper accidentally used furniture polish on her wood floors instead of floor cleaner. The floors looked shiny and new, but the household quickly found themselves slipping and sliding all over the place. What looked like a beautiful new floor was really an invisible ice skating rink in disguise! While the family appreciated the effort their housekeeper put into her work and the results, they did not appreciate this mistake that could’ve been dangerous.   Here are ways this situation could’ve been prevented: If you are a Housekeeper and are [ Read the rest…]

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Domestic Staff News
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