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The First Continental Monday! A Great Success!

Greenhouse Agency had its first Continental Monday this week, and it was a great success! It was standing room only at times and many people stopped by to apply, check their status, and to grab a doughnut, bagel, and a cup of coffee (or orange juice) while they waited to be attended. We hope that everyone that stopped by had a good time and that this sort of event is the first of many going forward!  

Greenhouse Agency brings you Continental Mondays!

  Mondays are gloomy. Mondays are sad. No one wants to get out of the bed. We do what we have to. We do what we must. If you want a Private Service Professional job, come and see us!   Greenhouse Agency brings you Continental Mondays!   We are serving a Continental Breakfast on Monday, April 3rd 2017 from 10am until it’s all gone!   Qualified #housekeepers #nannies #butlers #housemen #personalassistant #housemanagers #chefs #cooks #chauffeurs #babynurses #familyassistants #domesticcouples are needed!   Come and join us and let’s make it a HAPPY MONDAY! ***Must have a resume and verifiable references!***

Debut Episode of In-House With Greenhouse!

In-House With Greenhouse, our new video series, is here and boy are we excited! Tune in to this great interview with Roger Cushwa from Domestic Estate Management Association. He is the President of the New York Tri-State Chapter and gives great information about DEMA. If you have ever wondered how DEMA could benefit you, this will give you all you need to know.  

Appropriate Clothing for a Domestic Nanny?

Have you ever wondered what you should wear while working as a domestic Nanny? What is appropriate and what isn’t? What are the dos and dont’s? This article from MyNannyCircle is a handy guide that should give you a better idea of what you should wear for Nanny work.


Greenhouse Agency has a wide range of clients and candidates from all over the world. Many different languages are spoken, different educational backgrounds, ranges of income, numerous religious beliefs, and plenty of worldwide cuisines make up over 30 years of a great domestic and household staffing business. With all of our worldly difference, we are in the end…human. We operate as a team. We need each other to satisfy and fulfill our needs. Someone once wrote, “Be Obsessively Grateful” and that is what we are; grateful for your business and in trusting us to help you.  

Uplifting Start to the Weekend!

We like to end our week on a happy note. There is nothing like giving! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  

Yikes! I Caught My Coworker Stealing!

You got it! You got the job! Hooray! The first day, you show up on time and it’s wonderful. The next day is even better. The following day is kind of rough, but it’s expected. The fourth day everything comes to a screeching halt. While walking into another room you see your coworkers stealing from the employer. No if, ands, or buts….they are stealing. They look at you and tell you to keep quiet or you will be the first to go. What the heck just happened? What do you do?   1. Do you go to the employer and [ Read the rest…]

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Staff at Greenhouse Agency!
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The Staff at Greenhouse Agency wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Silence is Golden
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We cannot tell you how many people have lost their job because they talked too much. They want to spread all their personal information or they got caught up on the gossip train with other staff at the household or they got too friendly with the employer and said some things that could be deemed inappropriate. Gossiping with other staff will hurt the whole team. No one wants to feel like they are being talked about. No one wants to work in a negative space.   The entire staff, the doorman, and the chauffeur should not know you just got [ Read the rest…]

Is Airing Your Workplace Grievances On Social Media a Good Idea?

Is it OK for a Personal Assistant to air the dirty laundry? What would you do if you were treated horribly and threatened by your employer? This article summarizes a scenario where an employer-employee dispute was shared on Social Media.

There Are No Guarantees In Life!
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In life, nothing is guaranteed except death. I believe a lot of candidates feel that when they meet with a staffing company that it automatically guarantees them a job. THIS is not true for many reasons. A staffing company can meet with you and present you to an employer that they feel you are suitable for. They can assist you with your resume, give you interview pointers, help with your presentation, etc. However, they cannot be YOU. If, and I mean if the employer decides to meet you, the only person walking into that interview is you. The energy you [ Read the rest…]

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