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he relationship between “employer” & “employee” is most unique in the Private Sector – Personal Service Industry. This is the rarest of situations, where an employee’s responsibilities require they be a part of their boss’s everyday private lives. This “connection” in most cases inevitably leads to the employee’s personal life being opened up to their employer. It’s virtually impossible for the traditional “boss/worker” relationship we see in the corporate/business world to be remotely similar in a residential/family setting.

Of course there is always a line drawn and boundaries set, as in all work environments. Never the less, the environment itself tends to create this “one of a kind” rapport.

Because of this exceptional link between “employer” & “employee,” we ask for Comments, Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions, Experiences & Stories. Please take a moment to submit an item of interest, related to Household/Domestic Staff or previous work stories. The funnier…the better. The more informative…the more helpful for all.


***Names & e-mail addresses will not be posted if requested.

Greenhouse Agcy Ltd - The Ultimate Leader in Personal and Domestic/Household Service Staffing Needs

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    BOTH THE “EMPLOYER’S OF DOMESTIC/HOUSEHOLD STAFF & THE PERSONAL SERVICE PROFESSIONALS,” We want to thank you for another year of your patronage. We at Greenhouse are grateful for the opportunities you have given us, in allowing us to be of help. The trust you’ve put in our hands is tremendously appreciated. We’ve enjoyed a great year of “referred business.”  This makes us especially proud and want you to know this has been noted.  Your business is “valued” and never taken for granted.
    I personally, want to wish all who have called on “Greenhouse,” truly HEALTHY, JOYOUS, HAPPY & SAFE HOLIDAYS! MAY THE BEST OF LAST YEAR, BE THE WORST OF THE “NEW YEAR”
    Glenn Scott Greenhouse 

  • jesse says:

    are we having fun yet.

  • jesse says:

    I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

  • Garrett,
    I’m sad to see you go, but wish you the best.  You’ve been a true gentleman and made the office light up. You’ll surely
    be missed.  Also, I want to thank you for your hard work and your always willing to help out.  You’re a true “team player.”

  • Want to wish my Son Jason a Happy 30th Birthday!  I was trully blessed, 30 years ago today!
    Love You Always & Unconditionally,
    Be Happy, Be Healthy & Be Safe!

  • Make me an offer, it’s got his blood on it…or someone’s.
    Also, you do understand about advertising on my sight???

  • jesse says:

    Can I have the Gretzky jersey?

  • Dear Sports Jerseys Online,
    My comments page is not meant for other businesses to sell/promote their goods or services.  I’d be happy to discuss a “paid” ad, or link/widget.  Possibly a link exchange.  Please understand, this page is for people to discuss, different topics and issues, mostly pertaining to the Household/Domestic Staffing Industry.  Occasionally we’ve gone of topic.  If I feel I like “what’s being discussed” or has “social value”…..I allow the thread to continue.  This is always up to me, as this is my site.  Sorry though, for obvious reasons, I can’t allow people to ADVERTISE FOR FREE.
    BTW: While I do have your attention, by sheer coincidence, I happen to own a Worn, Wayne Gretszky, LA Kings Jersey, w a bit of blood on it.  It is signed by Gretszky.  Would something like this be worth anything.  Also have about six-seven early LI Islanders Memorabilia.  Authenticated by “Steiner Sports” & “Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame”: Winning Goal by Bobby Nystrom, Photo & Puck signed by Nystrom May 26, 1982? In Frame//Bryan Trottier signed 81/2 x 10 holding Stanley Cup//Series of four Photos various Islanders Holding Stanley Cup titled 4x Stanley Cup Champions// Signed Trottier Lithograph, poster size 3 images 19 bottom center & A Islanders Jersey signed by Stanley Cup Team, Poster size in frame.  I’m not much into this stuff, so any guidance you can give me would be appreciated. Advise on how to “sell” would also be help-full!
    Feel free to reach me to discuss Advertising possibilities and the memorabilia.
    All The Best,
    Glenn S. Greenhouse
    Greenhouse Agcy, Ltd.
    55 West 39 St.
    New York, NY  10018

  • EXPERIENCED, LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY.  Sweet family, one child, other staff.  Must work weekends,

    but is a Five day work week.  Salary is EXCELLENT, Formal Setting, but family is casual.  SPANISH Speaking a huge plus.
    Please call or come in!!!!!! Afternoons are best. This Family is Interviewing right now!

    Glenn Greenhouse

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