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he relationship between “employer” & “employee” is most unique in the Private Sector – Personal Service Industry. This is the rarest of situations, where an employee’s responsibilities require they be a part of their boss’s everyday private lives. This “connection” in most cases inevitably leads to the employee’s personal life being opened up to their employer. It’s virtually impossible for the traditional “boss/worker” relationship we see in the corporate/business world to be remotely similar in a residential/family setting.

Of course there is always a line drawn and boundaries set, as in all work environments. Never the less, the environment itself tends to create this “one of a kind” rapport.

Because of this exceptional link between “employer” & “employee,” we ask for Comments, Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions, Experiences & Stories. Please take a moment to submit an item of interest, related to Household/Domestic Staff or previous work stories. The funnier…the better. The more informative…the more helpful for all.


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Greenhouse Agcy Ltd - The Ultimate Leader in Personal and Domestic/Household Service Staffing Needs

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  • EXPERIENCED, LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY.  Sweet family, one child, other staff.  Must work weekends,

    but is a Five day work week.  Salary is EXCELLENT, Formal Setting, but family is casual.  SPANISH Speaking a huge plus.
    Please call or come in!!!!!! Afternoons are best. This Family is Interviewing right now!

    Glenn Greenhouse

  • Rinchen says:

    Thank you for your advice and your response. I appreciate the skills I had learned and acquired during my 8 months. I am somebody who has to speak up for my rights when something is not being right. Like in my case, I did every part of jobs that I was expected out of me. I had always wanted to hold my ground, but at the same time building some common boundaries so that people would not take advantage of me. I dont have anything bad to say about the duties and responsibilites that were given to me, infact wanted to thank my manager for hiring me (for giving me steady income), and leave the workplace on a good note. I had spoken to her one week ahead of the time that they can happily replace me and I would stay there until they would find someone or if they would let me stay until the end of the year. Let me clear something here in my case. You ask someone if they would like you to be back next time, and they tell you big YES. But, what kind of person would tell somebody to walk and pack your bag as soon as you enter to the workplace when you are expected to be at work on the beginning of the week without having any notice prior to it. Or I would expect them at least to tell me on phone one day in advance about what was going on and I would have happily gone to pack my belongings. And then what happened was I wanted them to reimburse my transportation and couple of receipts, but they said they can’t . I said forget it and I called the cab and waited on the corner of the long driveway as it took a while for a cab to reach to the workplace. I only waited there because it was hard for me to carry all my stuff all the way to the gate but this “manager” sent one of my colleagues and warned me not to stand at their compound and that they would call Cops. It was only a matter of few minutes of waiting and I was gonna go for ever which I had always wanted. I was so upset and told the messenger she could call whoever she would like to but i would like to wait here until the cab would get here. Do you think this was a good behavior from a manager and was it even necessary for her to tell me that she was going to call cops on me. I hope that karma will play it’s role on her one day. What ever goes around always comes around, and I know that it is going to happen with her.

  • annonymous says:

    Hey Sweetie,
    I feel for ya. Been around the block a few times myself. Worked in the corporate-business sector & the private-service sector. I learned everyone has SOMEONE to answer to. It is what it is. In a Bank I worked, it was the Head Teller. She had to answer to the Assistant Branch Manager who had to report to the Branch Manager. I had a problem with the Head Teller. My tallies at the end of the day were always correct. Not once was my drawer off a penny. She had a knack for finding something wrong all the time. Little, menial things like coming back from lunch 10 minutes late or my nails had tips and colored….it was because it was a Monday & I was at a party Sunday night. I explained this, it didn’t matter to her. I loved the job all the people I worked with. She made my life miserable and found a reason to have me fired. In a house I worked in as a Personal Assistant, it was the Butler. He wasnt trully mean like at the bank. He was always stressed due to the job and pressure from the boss. I kept the Mrs. calendar perfect, found the most hard to find accessories for her within hours, arranged last minute travel like a “magician.” Even ran to the children’s school to speak with the Director, because my boss was to “hung over.” In that situation, the Butler ended up quitting. I ended up PA & House Manager. There were a few other similar jobs over the years. So I can relate to how you feel.

    Rinchen, I’d like to share w you what I’ve learned. No matter what, when I was let go, I never had nice things to say about the job. Someone once told me: “Very rarely does an employee whose fired, weather for good reason or BS, have good things or nice feelings about the experience.” After 25 years of work, I have to admit, there’s some truth to this. But the most important lesson I learned…is it’s always best to “let your feelings be expressed, just like you’ve done, never harbor resentments, be grateful for the time spent and financial gains enjoyed and move on. Again, like you said, “no one’s perfect.” Including your house-manager. Also, if you can see these things coming, or the signs; start looking, you don’t have to stay. But always try and leave a job on the best terms possible. Give proper notice. You do the “right thing” even if your boss does not. We all face our maker someday, we all will have a much more important person to answer to, someday. Beleive me, expressing your feelings in some way is good..and healthy. Forgiveness, understanding & accepting responsibility when called for is even better.
    Best of Luck to you Rinchen. I’m sure you’ll be fine and find another job where you’ll be happy and stay on for many years.

  • glenn says:

    Hello Karen,
    We’ll try to help you in any “geographic area” of your choice.  I wouldn’t worry about getting lost in NYC though!  If you   can count…’ll rarely have a problem.  After 12th Street is 13th Street, then comes 14th Street and so on. Fifth Avenue separates East from West with address numbers increasing from Fifth Ave on. So…”22 East 54 Street” is East of  5th Avenue.  “126 West 54 Street” is West of 5th Avenue. Now this is important……The West side (West numbered addresses) will always be facing California/New Jersey/Hudson River when your on 5th Avenue. The East side (East numbered addresses) will always be facing The Hamptons/Long Island/Brooklyn/East River . Hopes this
    helps Karen.  Feel free to submit a form or send your resume.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Rinchen says:

    Finally I could pour out something and i am so relieved.

  • glenn says:

    Thanks Jesse, Happy Turkey Day to you also.  Enjoy your long weekend with your Mom.
    Be Safe & don’t be late for that train!

  • Rinchen says:

    I do accept your statements sir. It’s very important to be happy and enjoy with what we are doing at work. As a candidate, we must not just be interviewed by the families, but we should also be smart enough to put out questions to find out if this particular family is the right match for us. Of course, the economy is poor and “we” being on the main street stream, “we” would grab anything that would come along our way because it’s very hard to find jobs. But, through my experiences there is no harm in waiting or going for as many interviews as possible, take your time in the beginning for decision making rather than regretting for taking the job later on like i did no matter how much big money that they put it out on the table. Wherever you work, as a new candidate you always become an easy target especially when there are a lot of people working with you. Especially, families with work managers, I would personally request you to not only listen to what the managers have to say about employees but also communicate well with the employees themselves to know what are the underlying truths/issues behind any circumstances when you feel or see something is not flowing smoothly. Whenever there are some issues, I would also like to suggest to bring the employees to the corner if you really wanna know the genuine answer by not exposing it directly to the house manager. The families can always check it on their own to find out the truth by giving surprise visit at work by looking at what everyone is upto. I have had a several incidents where I heard the house manager manipulating my lady boss, and them believing completely with what the manager had to say about the incidents or about the person. To err is human and so did i do some simple mistakes at work in the beginning, and no one is perfect not even the house managers. Here are some incidents that I have seen at the mansion where I used to work at. My house manager used to enjoy hard drinks(tequila and others) from the bar at a working time with a family driver, and with one of my other colleagues when my bosses used to travel abroad. They spent most of their time going out or gossiping in the office when my bosses used to be away. My manager would not let me eat on time most of the time, but she occasionally used to tell me that I had to cook for the house driver which I never ever did, and why would I do it since it’s not on my jobs lists. She even made me fold her personal laundries with her underwear in it, they were not on my duties either but I did it to please her and to keep the job. The reason why I am writing all this is hope everyone pays extra more attention on treating their employees right. I was also mistreated by her yesterday when I was sent home. I will never ever forget the incident. But, My bosses and their children were a very nice people but in my case, I never could get along well with my manager who has a temper problem. Thank god, I don’t have to go back to the same work place. I am sorry green house but I really thought ppl need to read and know what is going on in any work place.

  • Jesse says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  • Rinchen says:

    Thanks 🙂 !!

  • Yulia Greenhouse says:

    Thank you, Rinchen. I will continue searching the right family for you.
    Please stay optimistic!

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