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Always Do Thorough Research into a Potential Employee!

Always Do Thorough Research into a Potential Employee!

Halloween may have been last week, but a Manhattan family got quite a scare before then. The Carlson residence received a phone call no family wants, from the police saying their young son Frankie’s babysitter was arrested for trying to set a car on fire in New Jersey. Making matters worse, it turned out the sitter Leslie Rosario, brought Frankie along with her for the ride.
“The woman is in my home with access to everything in my home,” Bethany Carlson said. “Especially my son, so we put so much trust in this person.” Carlson says she thought she assumed she did everything right in hiring 31-year-old Rosario in August to babysit her one-year-old son full-time at the family’s Upper West Side apartment.
The family used an online service named Sittercity.com. For $35 a month, SitterCity connects parents with childcare candidates. “SitterCity has a background check verification symbol that they post,” Carlson said. “Even when I check for references, they checked out.”
She proceeded to make schedules for the sitter, and set up a nanny cam.
“She seemed normal,” Carlson remembered.
Some may say at least the sitter was responsible enough to not leave the child unattended.
“She left him unattended in the lobby and staff was looking after him,” Carlson said. “I was just in shock.”
Mahwah police said on October 5th, Rosario drove the baby 30 miles away to this hotel, then tried to set a man believed to be her ex boyfriend’s car on fire.
Rosario had made it back to the apartment with the baby before his mother even got home. She was arrested on Thursday for child endangerment and arson. “When she gave my name to police, she gave a fake name for me and someone impersonated me,” Carlson said. “They finally subpoenaed her phone, got her phone records, and found me.”
Sittercity said Rosario has been removed from the site.
“We strongly recommend that background checks serve as just one part of a family’s research.”
Carlson said she’s not buying it.
“I even asked the police what else I could’ve done and he said ‘honestly, I don’t know’,” she said, adding she’ll only use professional referrals from now on.
Incidents such as these only stress the importance of going through professional help when finding assistance in childcare.
Pro Agencies such as Greenhouse Staffing go through all the necessary steps to ensure you end up with the best possible candidate to suit your needs. Here at Greenhouse we validate all our candidate’s references & follow up on all their prior work history. We even validate the authenticity of the “reference giver” that way the employer is certain of the candidate’s authenticity.

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