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It’s impossible to ignore the benefits that technology plays in people’s live and how it can make our daily lives and activities much more convenient. But there are also underlying negative effects. Look no further than the workplace, where employees and leaders alike may feel duty bound to respond to emails at night or be available around the clock via their digital device

As we know today we can find many cleanings company apps. From Domestic/Household to industrial cleaning. And all by the click of a button. But imagine this app that will not only help you through the day but basically it will control every move you do?

For example, in the Netherlands and Belgium lots of cleaning companies used an app to help track exactly where you are, what you are doing and every time a “new task” is started. Every time you start a new task you have to go through the app. So basically, the Employer monitors everything you do. When, where and how. If these type of Apps are on your own phone?…. Your Employer can be gathering as much information regarding your personal life as possible.

Some people may find it irrational to have a GPS device with them all the time while working. Or to be taking pictures of their job just to prove you did it, and always keep on reporting yourself with every single move you do. But this app its just trying to make life easier for the employee and employers. With the information they gather, they will know what needs to be improve, change or completely remove.

Time also plays an important part of this new app. Sure we like to have on record when you start and finish the day. This is necessary info for payroll. Everybody wants their paycheck to be accurate. But with this app your boss will know exactly how long does it take you to finish a task? They may compare this with other employees. So at the end of the day, your boss knows if you did an excellent job or you worked to slow or lazy like?

They claimed it’s all about gathering information for better management. But if we think about it. Where does all this information go? Is the employer the only one able to see the activity on the App? Or is the Company who runs the App also gathering your personal info? Do the clients have also the right to check all your moves? Most will say yes, but during working hours only. Also, the Employer should take the necessary steps to assure Your Info is “SAFE!”

Even though it sounds like a trust issue….. At the same time it is not. Crucial information and data leads to improvement. Must European cleaning companies use these apps and it seems to be working fine. And we see the bright side that if you know your job is worth it and you are doing the right thing, there’s no reason to be bothered by this system.

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Glenn began in the “family business” more than 30 years ago, by coming to work for his Father, Martin Greenhouse. He often recounts how nervous he was, when at 19 years old his Father forced him to pick up the phone and speak with David Suskind. This was to be the first of dozens of phone calls and meetings to come for Glenn……with Celebrity Clientele. Glenn considers himself very fortunate to have spent his life working at a job he truly loves and as he puts it: “earn a comfortable living at the same time.”
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