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2015 Job Seekers Guide (PART 1 OF A SERIES)
Job Seekers Guide pix guy running

This is part 1 of a series of “2015 Job Seekers Guide” for all Greenhouse Agency candidates and anyone reading this article. STARTING WITH THE AGENCY IN THIS “JOB SEEKERS GUIDE” I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. However, it can be a bit frustrating when I see people who do not take the initiative to do their best. This is especially important in the “job seeking process.” We can help you, however you have to want help and be willing to put in the work also. As a Household Staffing Agency, we are teammates. We [ Read the rest…]

Greenhouse Agency Wish You A Happy Holiday (Video)
Greenhouse Agency Holiday Video Cover

The management and staff of Greenhouse Agency wish all our clients and candidates a happy holiday season. We thank our clients for trusting us with your household staffing needs, and the hardworking candidates for relying on us to place them in a Job. We look forward to continue working with you in the coming year. [ PLEASE CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW OUR VIDEO MESSAGE ]

Last Minute Gifting for Your Nanny Family!
Last Minute Gifting for Your Nanny Family

Greenhouse Agency doesn’t want our Nannies to be under gift-giving stress!!! So, we reached out to top Nanny Helen Adeosun for some excellent ideas of what our Nannies could get their employers! Christmas is now less than 10 days away and there’s so much to do. When it comes down to it, most nannies will find that their employers seem to have everything! What gift should a nanny get her employer that is meaningful but won’t mean you break the bank account? In this article, I’ll show you some last minute gifting ideas you can use. As a nanny myself, [ Read the rest…]

Fun & Cute Snowman Ornaments For Crafty Kids
Cute Snowman Ornaments

Greenhouse Agency cares for all of our domestic and household staffing employees and our clients. We continually look for ways to enhance our knowledge and share what we learn and know with you. Whether you are a Nanny, Housekeeper, Chauffeur, Estate Manager, Butler, Houseman, Chef, Companion, Elderly Caregiver, or a Client the information we share as a domestic unit will be useful for all of us and can be incorporated into our careers. What joy it is to GROW! This Cute Snowman Ornaments is great idea for all our Nannies and childcare providers. It is so easy and fun and [ Read the rest…]

Amazing Stuffed Pork Loin Recipe that has My Mouth Watering
stuffed pork loin recipe

Greenhouse Agency is excited to share a wealth of knowledge pertaining to domestic and household personnel. We feel that sharing ideas, tips, and other invaluable information is key to everyone’s success. We are proud to lift as we climb! Our Guest Blogger this week is Chef Christophe with an amazing stuffed Pork Loin recipe that has my mouth watering!! It’s a great new twist for your holiday party or any dinner that will surely impress. It features his own Provencal Rub that you can purchase from his website. The story of the spice started in 2005 when his son Sebastien [ Read the rest…]

How ’24 Hours’ Looks like For a Super Rich Family’s Concierge

A 10,000 square-foot home doesn’t take care of itself, and many of the uber wealthy families who own them don’t want to tend to them either. So they hire people like Bryan Peele to make their homes run like five-star hotels. As an estate manager, he takes care of everything from overseeing landscapers and chefs, to making dinner and travel reservations, to planning lavish events and training the staff how to properly fold napkins for a dinner party. Peele, 44, currently works in the home of a Los Angeles family who made their fortune in finance. And as president of [ Read the rest…]

To E-mail or Pick Up The Phone and Call!!!!

God am I happy to come across this discussion.  It was started in a LinkedIn Group I follow. I passionately implore my colleagues and staff to “just pick up the phone and call.”  This is always after someone has responded about an issue with; Well I sent them an e-mail! Of course all situations are different and e-mails can be best when sending informative and detailed info or data.  Then there are times when where dealing with people who prefer e-mail.  But I’m finding people justify a task not being completed by saying; I did send an e-mail?  I’m not [ Read the rest…]

The Dog Came Out Of Nowhere… and the Candidate Ran From The Interview!!!

All was going as good as could be. Julie was being interviewed by Mr. & Mrs. French. The three were chatting for about 45 minutes. Mom & Dad even brought their cute 4 year old to meet and talk to Julie. All were very relaxed, with Julie going over her past experience and answering all questions asked. Mr. & Mrs. French had already begun to think about a start date. They liked Julie. They can tell she knew her job, was sincere and liked the questions she had asked. All was going as good as could be. Julie was being [ Read the rest…]

The Mariah Carey Interview
2015 job seekers guide

Can’t say I know all the details but I do know a job is a job. Which means you follow your boss’s instructions. If avoiding a “motherly nurturing relationship” is the wish of the Mom who’s most probably paying a generous salary?……So be it. I’m in the Domestic/Household Staffing Biz for 30+ years. I’ve seen it all. From what has become apparent, a Nanny working for Mariah Carey must always be sure to constantly remind her/his charges: “Mommy Loves You and will be home very soon.” “I am not your Mommy I work for your family and my job is [ Read the rest…]

A Gift of Happiness!

Today, on my way to work I noticed an advertisement on the subway. It read, “A Gift of Happiness…discover how wisdom brings real satisfaction, gain tools for living life more consciously, and develop the power of attention to fully realize your potential.” In a perfect world, there is a perfect job waiting for you …and just when you need it. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world, at least not all of us. We take positions for different reasons and needless to say these choices might lead us on paths of dormant potentials. 4 years ago I started a [ Read the rest…]


Hoping, you are enjoying the Holiday Season & wish you only the very best!We extend with heartfelt sincerity, for you to have a Healthy, Happy & Fun New Year. As we enter the New Year, we at Greenhouse Agency are excited about the year ahead and are thrilled to have been able to help 400+…… This includes the hundreds of Job Seekers who are now happily employed and the hundreds of families/households whose positions we successfully filled! With optimism, we are sure the “New Year” brings you & your family “peace and happiness.”May the “best of 2013, be the worst [ Read the rest…]

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