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For all “career” household/domestic staff
Household Staff

Please be sure to consider whether you will be “happy” on the job & “like” the family your considering to commit to. Though very important, money isn’t everything. When in a work environment where you’re close to your boss, all the time… must be sure it’s an environment that’s tolerable and you can deal with: “emotionally,” “psychologically” & “…physically.” This is a very unique “employment relationship.” Every “Household” is different, every “Employer” is different. None are truly bad, but some situations are more “stressful” than others. All people are different and some can handle “situations” that others cannot. Look at [ Read the rest…]

Reference should somehow be checked too!
Job reference

We come across so many, “seemingly” amazing Candidates. They’re talented, bright & skilled. They list an excellent work history, with all contact info for their references. We call the references, have a 10 to 15 minute conversation and come away thinking the Candidate IS as good as they seem. We’ll find a nice job for them, a well paying job that seems to be a nice “fit” for both Employer & Employee. A week goes by….the jury is still out. The second week..boom, the sh_t hits the fan. The new Employee proves to be not what we thought them to [ Read the rest…]

How was your Christmas bonus this year?
Christmas bonus

Well, if you’re searching for a job right now, you may have been disappointed.  This is not the only reason, there are job seekers at this time, but some will be surprised how the expectations of a Domestic/Household Staffer not being met, can result in many openings in the market.  On the other hand, true professionals are not that “mercenary.”  Also, the career & seasoned Personal Service Employee will take many things into consideration, before entering the job market and leaving their current job.  I’ve found over the years, the Holiday Bonus, in reality is not the cause of a [ Read the rest…]

Questions to be asked during an interview
Questions to be asked during an interview

Why did you leave your last job? Will your previous employers speak on the phone about you? Why are you a ——————? Do you enjoy this work or is it the money? What would you do if (hypothetical situations) my two kids are fighting over the same toy? If we’re away and my Son starts running a fever? Can you work late on occasion, if we’re delayed one evening in getting home?  If I can’t make dinner one evening, are you willing to put something together for us? You’re looking for degree of flexibility and willingness. What salary are you [ Read the rest…]

Things to think about when go over a potential employee’s references
Things to think about when go over a potential employee’s references

When checking references on a candidate, know who your talking to. Google the address of the reference, Google the reference, IE: your given a name, phone & address, Your told the Nanny earned $1,000.00 per week, worked with other staff in a large Suburban House with a swimming pool, tennis court, gazebo etc. After doing a bit of Google, you find the house is a tiny row house, in an industrial area & the reference works as a taxi driver….duh, something isn’t right.  When interviewing, see what your kids think. Note your “pets” reaction to the candidate.  Kids and dogs [ Read the rest…]

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