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Fashionable Work Wear for Your New Job

Fashionable Work Wear

Congrats! You got the job! The interview went great and your employer is excited to have you. You dressed your best & you looked your best, now how do you keep that image going forward? Unless the job requires you to wear a daily uniform, you’ll be granted the freedom of choosing your own work wear. Now you don’t expect to wear your interview outfit everyday do you? Maintaining a good work image will be your next target goal. You want to keep the same image your employer had of you upon hiring throughout your employment. This can get tricky though. We all have days where we want to go out in sweatpants and a comfy sweater but that’s a hard look to make professional. So what do you do?
Maybe it’s time for a wardrobe upgrade. New job, new clothes! You don’t have to think about breaking the bank either though for some new threads. There’s a multitude of affordable clothing brands that aim to make life easier & more fashionable for you. For starters let’s say you’re a new nanny or housekeeper starting to work in a new home, formal or not your employer will want to see a sense of sophisticated style. Brands such as Uniqlo, Ann Taylor, & Everlane have been staples in affordable fashion, with a wide range of pants, assorted knits, button ups, sweaters, and outerwear that will give off a confident formal image anywhere you go. If you’re trying to be a little more casual you can always rely on brands like GAP, H&M, and even Japanese household brand Muji to provide with you classic designs with a little more of a contemporary touch.
What if your job requires a sharp formal look at all times on the clock? Say you’re a driver responsible for transporting a high end client throughout major cities. You’re not going to get away with wearing jeans every day. You’re going to need a suit, maybe a couple of them. Suits can be extremely expensive as it is. Elegant suit pants and blazers run a pretty penny due to the labor hours contributed by multiple tailors. It’s not uncommon to find most suit pricing between $800-$1000+, imagine getting more than one? Enter JCrew. Fine quality suits ranging $400-$600. With plenty of fabric options and colors, you’ll be sure to land quality suits that will have you looking interview ready fresh while making money. Jcrew is actually offering 40% for holiday orders!
Now what if your job ends up being a little too gritty for semi-formal/casual wear? What if you run the risk of damaging your clothes while working? If you’re working outdoors as a houseman running through difficult tasks you’d want something that can handle wear and tear well. The brand that comes to mind the most here would be Carhartt. American made & owned, Carhartt has been around since 1889 and has become a staple in durable quality work wear. They provide everything from underwear to outerwear capable of powering through rugged tasks. One of their most popular items happens to be their Duck quilted flannel-lined active jacket which is water repellent and wind resistant. If you’re looking for the same toughness in a more modern-day look then check out Carhartt’s WIP (work in progress) line. It’s the same company but tailored towards a fashionable fit.
Finding the right work clothing can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Fast fashion is all the rage at the moment and companies are fighting to make this challenge easier for you.

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Glenn Greenhouse
Glenn began in the “family business” more than 30 years ago, by coming to work for his Father, Martin Greenhouse. He often recounts how nervous he was, when at 19 years old his Father forced him to pick up the phone and speak with David Suskind. This was to be the first of dozens of phone calls and meetings to come for Glenn……with Celebrity Clientele. Glenn considers himself very fortunate to have spent his life working at a job he truly loves and as he puts it: “earn a comfortable living at the same time.”
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